Opening Date Announced for Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: BREAKOUT!

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Opening Date Announced for Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: BREAKOUT!
Plus, all-new epic experiences this summer!
Disney have just revealed the opening date for their new Guardians of the Galaxy inspired attraction as well as a host of exciting ‘Summer of Heroes’ activities…

Back in July last year, Disney revealed plans to bring the Guardians of the Galaxy saga to life at its California Adventure Park, with an exciting new ride. The plans involved transforming the park’s iconic Tower of Terror ride into the ‘Collector’s Fortress’ (you’ll know all about this mysterious character if you’ve seen the movie!). While some fans of the famous attraction were sad to hear that it would be coming to an end, it was impossible to not get excited about the new action-packed Mission-BREAKOUT ride. It’s now time to get even more excited, as Disney have just confirmed that the official opening will take place sooner than we thought, on the 27th May! That’s not all though, Disney plan to introduce a whole host of incredible events, making this summer, the “Summer of Heroes”.


Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: BREAKOUT


Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: BREAKOUT! promises a “comically high-energy, rocking new adventure”. The ride will blast you right into the middle of the action alongside characters you’ll recognise from the movie like Rocket Raccoon. The evil Collector has kidnapped the Guardians of the Galaxy gang and is keeping them captive in display cases suspended in the air above a dark abyss! It’s your job to venture deep inside the eerie fortress and rescue them- if you’re brave enough that is. Don’t worry, Rocket will be on hand to help you along the way.


Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: BREAKOUT


The dramatic drops you know and love from the Tower of Terror will still be a part of this new ride, but the experience has been enhanced with amazing visual and audio effects. There will also be music from the film blaring through the speakers to get your heart racing. We can’t wait to see what else is in store!

The opening of Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: BREAKOUT! will mark the start of ‘Summer of Heroes’ at the Disney California Adventure Park. The celebration is for a limited time only and will run from 27th May through to 10th September. Guests will be able to “step into super hero stories” and join the likes of the Avengers and of course the Guardians of the Galaxy in a series of all-new “epic adventures”.

For the first time ever, come face to face with Groot, the tree-like humanoid from Guardians of the Galaxy. You’ll also be able to meet and snap selfies with Captain America and your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Get your best dance moves out and join in the fun at brand new attraction ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Dance Off!’, where Star Lord gets his old-school boom box all fired up to host this one-of-a-kind rock ‘n’ roll party. The good news is, these two new additions are here to stay, and will become permanent fixtures at the park!

As part of the celebrations, there will be new challenges and adventures that visitors can enjoy, although these will only run until 10th September. Here’s what you need to know…

Heroic Encounter: Black Widow- Look out for Black Widow as she pulls up in a striking Avengers vehicle for a heroic encounter with park guests.

Avengers Training Initiative- Black Widow and Hawkeye are looking for young recruits and will be putting little ones to the test to see if they’ve got what it takes to join the ranks of the Avengers.

Grab a piece of the action-  There will be limited edition merchandise available throughout the park, making the perfect souvenir of your visit. Make sure you try the delicious themed food available in Hollywood Land too!


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