Falcon's Fury - Even More Details Revealed!

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Falcon's Fury - Even More Details Revealed!
200+102+23 +6 = 331 crazy feet tall!
Busch Gardens reveals even more details about the forward facing drop tower ride Falcon's Fury, and its surrounding themed area Pantopia, dropping into Busch Gardens on the 1st May! Check out Busch Gardens' Falcon's Fury webisode #1 right here!

Admittedly, this new attraction coming to Busch Gardens this spring needs absolutely no introduction. If you're headed to Florida this year for a theme park holiday and you're a thrill seeker, there's no doubt that Falcon's Fury will be the very reason that you have booked your Orlando attraction tickets

This is the most talked about big thrill ride of the year and there's a reason for it and it's quite a simple one; it is going to be absolutely HUGE - literally. We've given you the stats before, but let's just reiterate, at 335ft tall, Falcon's Fury will be the tallest free standing drop tower ride in North America! Not only is that pretty impressive, but it's like we said - HUGE. 

In fact, Jeff Hornick eplains just how tall 331ft is, just so we can all get a good feel for this kind of height; it's taller than Busch Gardens' SheiKra at its highest point of 200ft, combined with the Cheetah Hunt tower at 102ft PLUS Air Grover at Busch Gardens' at 23ft plus Jeff himself at 6ft!


Falcon's Fury - Tilt

Of course, thrill seekers that have tackled Busch Gardens' adrenaline surging big thrill attractions will know that this is what this theme park does best. Busch Gardens is famous for its attractions that break and create records and height is not the only record that Falcon's Fury is breaking or creating. This drop tower ride will be the first ever drop tower ride on the planet that will tilt riders at a 90 degree angle sending you falling back to earth forward facing! That must have made your heart stop.

Falcon's Fury - Busch Gardens

Those of you that just can't get your head around this new 'epic' ride coming to Busch Gardens, there's something new for you too. It's the newly themed area Pantopia, which forms the Falcon's Fury surroundings. Brian Morrow, Director of Attraction Development and Design (a.k.a Imagination and all things flashy) describes Pantopia as '...A place being inspired by the stories of travellers from around the globe.' The newly themed area will offer new shopping and dining opportunities to Busch Gardens. So whilst your loved ones are experiencing the furied falcon, you can enjoy slightly more civilised pursuits, with your feet placed quite firmly on the ground - as opposed to facing it!

Whether you're heading to Busch Gardens for some heart plummetting big thrills or some hearty good food, don't embark on your travels without those all important theme park tickets from Attraction Tickets Direct!

Catch the second Falcon's Fury webisode right here!  

Busch Gardens , Orlando , Busch Gardens , SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment , New Attractions 2014 , Falcon's Fury , Pantopia , SeaWorld 2014