The ATD Disney Movie Challenge Continues!

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The ATD Disney Movie Challenge Continues!
Check out the fourth instalment of ATD’s Disney Movie Challenge!
Attraction Tickets Direct have been taking the 30 Day Disney Animated Feature Challenge over the past few weeks, sharing with our readers our favourite, scariest and funniest Disney movie moments. If you love Disney movies as much as we do, follow ATD as we take the challenge!

Not only are Attraction Tickets Direct theme park enthusiasts, but we also love Disney films, which is why we’ve been taking the Disney Animated Feature Challenge presented by Sensational Disney over the past few weeks. If you've been following the ATD Disney Challenge series on our Latest News page, you'll know that we've been taking the challenge five questions at a time, sharing our answers with you in instalments. Now we're on our fourth instalment, there's just two more left to go till we come to the end of the challenge, when we finally  reveal our favourite Disney movie of all time!

16 – A moment that makes you cry your eyes out?
Possibly one of the saddest moments in a Disney movie has to be when Bambi's mother gets shot by the hunters. Bambi has said to be one of the best tear jerkers of movies ever made, of course Walt Disney's Lion King isn't too far behind.
17  -  A moment that scares you?
Although we are well aware that Beast from the 1991 Walt Disney picture Beauty and the Beast isn't actually real and can't actually harm us, the scene when Beast returns home to see Maurice, Belle's father, in his castle is a pretty dark and scary scene that we can only imagine must be pretty terrifying for little ones. When creating Beast's Castle at Walt Disney World's New Fantasyland, Disney Imagineers were well aware of how forebodding the castle appeared in the movie and were careful to make the castle as authentic  as possible without being too dark.
18 - A moment that makes you mad?
We can't help but be infuriated by the scene in the 1941 Disney picture Dumbo, when the group of boys at the circus tease Dumbo about his large ears and none the wiser, Dumbo begins to play along with them until his mother gets involved and gives the bullies what for! Poor little Dumbo *sigh*.
19 - A moment that makes you happy
We can all agree that a particularly joyous Disney moment has to be in the quintessential Disney fairy tale Cinderella, when the Grand Duke arrives at the Tremain residence with the glass slipper in search for the girl that won the heart of Prince Charming the night before. The penultimate moment occurs when Cinderella emerges just as the Grand Duke is about to leave. He insists that she try on the slipper, although Lady Tremaine is insistent that Cinderella is  merely hired help and couldn't possibly have been at the ball. Nevertheless the Grand Duke demands that Cinderella try on the slipper and calls his footman. Just as we think we're nearing the happily ever after moment, Lady Tremain trips the footman causing him to fall and smash the glass slipper. Our hearts plummet with disappointment till Cinderella mutters those triumphant and conclusive words, 'But you see, I have the other slipper' This makes us happy!
20 - Your favourite musical number?
This doesn't take much though at all, our absolute favourite musical number from a Walt Disney animated movie has to be A Whole New World, from the 1992 Disney Picture Aladdin!  
To see all these magical Disney moments come to life, head to Walt Disney World Florida, where you can create your very own Disney narratives and see these wonderful fairytale characters in actuality.
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Orlando , Disney Films , Disney World Resort

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