ATD Funds Just a Drop Water Sanitation in Zambia

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ATD Funds Just a Drop Water Sanitation in Zambia
ATD collaborates with Just a Drop to facilitate clean water supplies in Zambia...
Attraction Tickets Direct have funded water sanitation charity Just a Drop with a school sanitation project that has greatly improved the water facilities at four different schools in South Zambia's Kalomo District.

In April 2012 Just a Drop in collaboration with African Revival implemented a sanitation project for four schools in Kalomo District,  Southern  Zambia funded by Attraction Tickets Direct. Each of the four schools received between two and five new double Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) latrine blocks in 2012.

The schools covered by the project were:
Bowwood Community School
Inkumbi Basic School 
Kinnertone Community School
Lubombo Community School
These rural schools faced a pressing sanitation problem where pupils and staff shared unpleasant and sometimes dangerous facilities. In the most severe case at Inkumbi, 600 pupils were sharing just four latrines. In cases like Bowwood, with an ever increasing ratio of 47 pupils to one latrine, sanitation standards fail to meet Government regulations. Government targets for sanitation provision in schools are 25 girls per latrine and 40 boys per latrine. With funding from  Attraction Tickets Direct, 14  double blocks were constructed, which will greatly improve the sanitation situation at these four schools, providing safe, dignified facilities for staff and pupils alike.  
Projects like this are crucial as any measure that can be taken to improve the sanitation facilities of a school help shape not only current  standards but future ones too. Many families now realise that in order for their children to have future job opportunities in Zambia’s emerging market, education is a pre-requisite. The generosity of Attraction Tickets Direct’s funding has meant that these targeted communities have been able to demonstrate to themselves and their children the realisation of such dreams, which will continue to have an impact on generations to come.
Orlando , Charity , News , Attraction Tickets Direct , Just a Drop