ATD’s Top 5 Orlando Parades, Live Performances and Nighttime Shows!

Orlando , Disney World , Orlando Theme parks , SeaWorld Orlando , Universal Orlando
ATD’s Top 5 Orlando Parades, Live Performances and Nighttime Shows!
Don’t miss out on these absolute must sees in Orlando!
In spirit of Epcot’s IllumiNations: Reflections of the Earth recently celebrating its 25th Birthday at Disney World Florida, we thought we’d share with you Attraction Tickets Directs top 5 Orlando theme park performances, parades and night time spectaculars. Check out our list here!

When we decide to head to embark on a theme park holiday it is often because we want to escape from the trappings of everyday life, to do something different and forget about the responsibilities of adult life for a day.

As adults, whether we’re thrill seekers, coaster fans or pop culture junkies that just love to experience our favourite films and TV programmes come to life, at large the ultimate reason we are lured to Orlando’s theme parks is because of the rides. 
However it is to be known that there are many parades, live performances and night time spectaculars that are just as worthy of luring you into the theme parks as the rides themselves. So, just to make sure you don’t miss out on any of these must see shows, we’ve selected our top five shows at Orlando’s major theme parks for you to experience.
Attraction Tickets Direct’s Top 5 Parades, Performances and Spectaculars
 1 -  Disney's Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show!
If you love high octane action films then do not underestimate the thrill of this live stunt show at Disney Word’s Hollywood Studios. You’ll be gripping the edge of your seats watching this forty minute live stunt show that sees professional drivers speed around the set, performing choreographed driving sequences, car chases and stunts, filmed throughout the show. At the end of the production all the film tricks and techniques used throughout the show will be revealed, to show you exactly how it’s done in the movies!
2 - Disney World’s Wishes
A spectacular night tome firework display at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom that conjures up enough magic for a lifetime in typical Disney style. Wishes lights up Main Street and illuminates the Cinderella Castle with brilliant bright fireworks each and every night. 
3 - Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular
This night time spectacular came to Universal Studios in 2012 to honour the entertainment company’s one hundredth anniversary of movie making. Narrated by Morgan Freeman, this lagoon show uses pyrotechnics and waterfall screens to project celebrated scenes from critically acclaimed Universal films, taking viewers on a journey of one hundred years of Universal Pictures. Not only is it spectacular, but a film lover’s dream!
4 - One Ocean
SeaWorld’s One Ocean is the current Shamu show running at SeaWorld Orlando. No matter whether you’re an animal lover or not, you can’t help but be overwhelmed by this live performance that continues to overwhelm its audience with mind-blowing stunts and choreography performed by the giant killer whales. 
5 - Move It! Shake! It Celebrate It!
This street party takes place along Magic Kingdom’s Main Street. Admittedly this party might have been initially directed at the kids, but no matter how old you are you can’t help but be taken by the spirit of the Magic Kingdom’s Move It! Shake it! Celebrate It! Street Party. Genie, Mr Incredible, Lumiere, Sebastian and the whole Disney gang come out for this street party to get you dancing to their beat!  
Fancy catching these experiences on your next Orlando visit, add these live performances, parades and night time spectaculars to your theme park holiday itinerary and check out our range of tickets that'll grant you access to these Orlando attractions!
Orlando , Disney World , Orlando Theme parks , SeaWorld Orlando , Universal Orlando