Atlantis Exhibit Opens at Kennedy Space Centre Saturday!

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Atlantis Exhibit Opens at Kennedy Space Centre Saturday!
The Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit opens this weekend!
Tomorrow, the 29th June, the Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit opens at Kennedy Space Centre's Visitor Complex, offering KSC guests the opportunity to witness the Atlantis shuttle from the astronaut's perspective!

The frequent Attraction Tickets Direct Latest News readers amongst you will no doubt have been expecting your weekly Friday Theme Park Round-Up from Simon and Susan and Veness, however with the opening of the highly anticipated Kennedy Space Center Atlantis Exhibit taking place tomorrow, the Florida experts will be giving us a first hand account of the exhibit on Monday.

Space Shuttle Atlantis was commissioned in January 1979 to Rockwel International's Space Transportation Systems Division, who constructed the space shuttle in six years, delivering the shuttle to the Kennedy Space Centre in April 1985. Atlantis embarked on its first mission in October 1985 and its last on the 8th July 2011, completing a total of 33 missions, orbiting Earth 4,848 times and travelling nearly203,000,000 km in space.  

Atlantis has played an integral role in space intelligence and has made many notable missions that have advanced studies by delivering vital components and facilitating a number of space walks. To witness this shuttle is to witness a significant part of space history and thanks to the Kennedy Space Centre, as of Saturday 29th June, you'll be able to explore the shuttle like never before.  

KSC has spent a massive $100 million on this highly anticipated exhibit, bringing to the Visitor Complex yet another compelling, comprehensive and authentic experience. The  shuttle has been raised 30 feet in the air and placed at a 43 degree angle to give the perspective of being in flight. "Only from up on the space station could you look down and see the vehicle like this," said astronaut Tom Jones, who made his fourth and final spaceflight aboard Atlantis in 2001. "And that is the last time I saw Atlantis, in this kind of configuration, so that's really a treat! I'm being carried back to my three spacewalks on Atlantis."

As if viewing this amazing shuttle wasn't special enough, the Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit will offer a whole host of dynamic and interactive experiences, bringing you even closer to space than you may have ever imagined you'd be. 

To get ATD's write up on this thrilling new addition to Kennedy Space Centre's Visitor Complex, be sure to check out ATD's Latest News on Monday for Simon and Susan Veness's Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit experience.

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Till Monday, happy Friday, Readers!

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Orlando , Kennedy Space Center , New Attractions 2013 , Atlantis KSC