's Expert Guide to Lifestyle, Dining and Entertainment in Orlando


Once you have sampled the full array of theme parks and alternative attractions, there are more ways for Orlando to beguile you – with its nightlife, dining and shopping, all of which are world class.

Dining in Orlando

Dining, of course, is something you will need to do at regular intervals on your Florida vacation, and the choice here can be simply bewildering as there are SO many different names – and more than 4,000 restaurants to choose from. Happily, we are extremely well versed in everything that’s on offer, and can break it down for you in easy-to-understand terms (even if it’s a full-time job keeping up with it all!).

Dinner Shows

Just to start with, there are an array of specially-themed Dinner Shows that are sure to attract your attention, with elaborate styles that include knights in armour, dastardly pirates, murder-mysteries and up-close magical displays. Each one promises a full evening out, with fun for all the family. We have seen them all and can advise accordingly.

Shopping in Orlando

Shopping is often top of the agenda for many visitors, and Orlando can lighten your wallet in any number of wonderful retail options, from full-scale malls (some of the largest in Florida), to attention-grabbing outlet centres, which often offer fabulous bargains on big-name brands, and individual boutiques at the more exclusive end of the spectrum.

Luxury Orlando

Gone are the days when Orlando dining only meant buffets and chain restaurants catering to tired tourists in shorts and T-shirts. Orlando’s fine dining scene is firmly established, ever-expanding and, for the truly gourmet experience, you can select from any of dozens of four and five star locations, all of which are packed with the ‘something different’ factor.

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