Brand New Wooden Rollercoaster Coming to Florida!

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Brand New Wooden Rollercoaster Coming to Florida!
Can't wait for summer 2017? Us either...
A massive $6 million dollar wooden rollercoaster has been earmarked to open as soon as summer 2017. Find out here where you can ride this incredible new attraction…

Lots of exciting things are happening over at Funspot Kissimmee, and the opening of a brand new wooden rollercoaster in summer 2017 is set to top them all! The $6 billion dollar investment will be used to build a coaster that stretches 82 feet into the air, 2,256 feet in length and at speeds of nearly 50mph (putting it on par with Disney’s Expedition Everest!).

The new coaster will be the first wooden rollercoaster in Florida to feature a barrel roll, despite the fact that the ride will only feature lap bars to secure riders in, rather than the traditional over the shoulder restraints normally used for inversions. The inspiration behind this coaster is likely to have come from the popular White Lightning rollercoaster over at Funspot’s Orlando park, although the barrel roll is taking it to the next level!

To watch a simulated idea of how this rollercoaster will look to ride, check out this video:



Other amazing attractions you can enjoy at Funspot Kissimmee include the Rockstar Coaster which produces some major G Force, Headrush 360 (can you handle it?) and child-friendly rides such as go-karts, the flying Paratrooper and the Kiddie Coaster.

You can enter the park for free and pay as you go per attraction (prices are around $9 per person for a thrill attraction) or book in advance and pay £34 for unlimited access to all the attractions at the park (excluding the infamous Skycoaster, which is paid for locally).

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