The Disney Movie Challenge!

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The Disney Movie Challenge!
ATD Takes the Disney Animated Feature Challenge!
ATD takes the Sensational Disney Animated Feature Challenge, revealing all of our top Disney movie moments, favourite Disney princess, our most disliked Disney villain to our most adored Disney couple. Put your Disney caps on and take the Disney Movie challenge with ATD!

Yesterday we asked fellow pinners to follow Attraction Tickets Direct on Pinterest to enjoy our theme park news plus loads of Disney entertainment and trivia in pin sized form! Today we stumbled upon a pin (it wasn't painful at all!) that we knew our ATD Latest News readers would absolutely love! Indeed, it's the Disney Animated Feature Challenge! In fact ATD loved this pin so much that not only are we sharing it with you, but we're even going to take the challenge ourselves!

The challenge is a thirty day quiz that'll get the Disney movie enthusiasts amongst you reminiscing about all the Disney films that have made you laugh or cry or have moved you somehow. We're going to work our way through the challenge slowly, divulging five ATD Disney movie facts per post. 

So here goes with our first five...

1 - Your favourite character...

Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast 

2 - Your favourite official princess....

Princess Jasmine from Aldaddin

3 -  Your favourite official prince

Prince Charming from Cinderella

4 -  Your favourite Disney heroine 

Esmerelda from The Hunch Back of Notre Dame

5 -  Your favourite Disney hero

Simba from the Lion King

In our next Disney Movie challenge post we'll be revealing the next five Disney movie facts; our favourite cats of characters, favourite friendship, favourite sidekick, favourite couple and favourite animal couple! Keep checking back at Attraction Tickets Direct Latest News for the next installment of our movie challenge.

All of the films mentioned in this post have inspired attractions at Disney World; Lumiereis featured in the New Fantasyland's Enchanted Tales with Belle, in the Magic Kingdom, Princess Jasmine and Prince charming are Disney royalty available for character meet and greets throughout the park and make a conscious effort to be out with their respective partners, Aladdin and Cinderella. Esmerelda, although not a regular in the Disney parks, and fellow Hunch back of Notre Dame characters were giving Disney guests a rare character meet and greet opportunity as part of  one of Disney's Limited Time Magic weeks. And of course you can catch the amazing stage production show Festival of the Lion King at Disney World's Animal Kingdom!

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Orlando , Disney World , Character Meet and Greet