The Eight Houses of Halloween Horror Nights REVEALED!

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The Eight Houses of Halloween Horror Nights REVEALED!
Are you ready for the deadliest Halloween party yet?
The scaremongers, the thrill seekers and those of you hungry for Halloween will be delighted to know that Universal have officially completed and confirmed the Halloween Horror Nights line up for 2013! Are you ready for the torture and torment of one of America's most notorious Halloween parties?

It's the last few days of summer, so the last thing we want to do is talk about the doom and gloom of the winter, but the inevitable is that the colder months are near and on it's heels is Orlando's Halloween season. Of course the only Halloween fest Halloween fanatics will care for is the demonic, the dark and the twisted Universal Halloween Horror Nights. Just as Universal manages to bring the world's most iconic tv programmes and favourite blockbuster films to life so seamlessly, the park achieves the exact same autheniticity and success bringing to life your worst nightmares. And if watching films like Cabin in the Woods, The Evil Dead and The Walking Dead from the comfort of your home, grappling for your pillow at the scary bits, didn't succeed in firmly setting in some recurring nightmares, then we have no doubt that inserting yourself into these films and navigating your way through the horror at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights will leave you with some haunting memories to take home.

There are eight haunted houses that will line the streets of Universal Studios this 2013, some are new and some are so sick that they have returned by popular demand; 

Cabin in The Woods


The Evil Dead


The Walking Dead


An American Warewolf in London


La Llorona


Havoc Derailed


After Life: Death's Vengeance


Resident Evil

You can read more about The Cabin in The Woods, The Evil Dead, The Walking Dead and La Llorona and other Orlando Halloween news here. Further details on the remaining haunted houses will follow soon, so keep an eye out for those on Attraction Tickets Direct. Are you still brave enough to use those Halloween Horror Nights ticketsHalloween Horror Nights will be held select nights between the 20th September and the 2nd November. Good luck sccaremongers! 

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Orlando , Halloween Horror Nights , Halloween Horror Nights 2013 , Halloween in Orlando