Five Houses Coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2014 that WILL Disturb Your Sleep!

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Five Houses Coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2014 that WILL Disturb Your Sleep!
HHN2014 - the houses, the scare zones, the films, the inspiration!
Universal are slowly but surely beginning to reveal the scares, the walking dead, the nearly dead and the extreme trauma coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2014. Twenty four years of Halloween Horror Nights and Universal are not easing up! It's more hellish than the last - we promise! See for yourselves, if you dare...

Scaremongers, horror fanatics, the dark and the twisted, the time has come for you to begin anticipating the evil that creatives have conjured up for you this Halloween 2014 at the world's greatest theme parks. And of course, we begin our 2014 theme park Halloween coverage with the ultimate All Hallows' Eve celebration. The Halloween fest of Halloween fests! Indeed, it's Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2014  and once again, Universal are taking no prisoners!

1. The Purge: Anarchy 

Location: Scarezones at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood

The Purge at Universal Halloween Horror Nights

Imagine for one night in America, any and all crime, including murder, will be legal for 12 continuous hours...

And it just happens to be the night you embark on your Halloween Horror Nights experience! The Purge: Anarchy is the sequel to the 2013 horror thriller The Purge, starring Ethan Hawke. The film bases itself on the premise that for just one night of the year, for twelve hours, all crime is legal and American citizens have the right to purge and act upon any negative feelings they might have been harbouring since the last purge. To add to the mayhem, all police and medical services are inactive, to encourage the nation to purge successfully. If you thought zombies, cannibals, poltergeist and vampires were deadly, just imagine your own kind with a grudge, a criminal state of mind and the right to purge! These disturbed and suppressed beings will occupy scarezones at Halloween Horror Nights - awaiting your arrival.


2. Mask-a-Raid

Location: A scarezone - French Street, Universal Studios Hollywood.

Mask-a Raid Halloween Horror Nights

Ever wanted to attend a masquerade ball Mask-a-Raid?

Masquerade Ball

Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights 2014 will be the delightful hosts of scarezone Mask-a-Raid! You see, although this particular scarezone will be inspired by the masquerade ball, the most civilised and staple event of high society in pre-Revolutionary War France - don't be fooled by these glamorous and bejewelled masked party goers! They are blood hungry cannibals, naturally!

Eyes Wide Shut Masquerade Ball scene

3. From Dusk Till Dawn 

Location: Mazes to be featured at Universal Studios Florida and Hollywood

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Vampires are the most fashionable fiends of the minute...

So why not party with them from Dusk till Dawn? Most of us in the UK won't be in the loop with the From Dusk till Dawn: The Series. However, there's no doubt that the horror lovers amongst you will have watched Robert Rodriguez's 1996 action horror thriller movie From Dusk till Dawn, which inspired the series. If you haven't, it's likely that you'll be aware of that notorious Selma Hayek bar scene, in which she dances mesmerically with a python draped around her neck. Well, it's this Vampire infested, blood, guts and gore movie that Universal and Robert Rodriguez will bring to life at Halloween Horror Nights 2014. 


4. The Walking Dead

Location: a Maze at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is still walking...

Halloween Horror Nighters, you'll be glad to know that the Walking Dead returns and with it comes flesh-eating zombies! Back by popular demand, this critically acclaimed horror series will be scaring you senseless once again. However, this year's Walking Dead maze will take inspiration from season 4, the latest Walking Dead series to be aired, so the scares won't be quite the same.  In fact, it's slated to be even deadlier. Enjoy navigating your way through this maze! 


5. Face Off

Location: Scarezone at Universal Studios Florida

Face Off - Halloween Horror Nights 2014

Come face to face with demonic creatures you never knew existed...

If you have the stomach to stare in the face of some of the most gruesome, gorish and evil of characters created by some of the most talented and fantastical of make up artists in the industry, then hats off to you! Face Off is a hit TV series aired on the Syfy channel that sees make up artists compete againts one another to show off their make up skills and horrific imaginations by creating the most maniacal and nightmarish horror characters. Of coruse, the artist that creates the most devillish character wins the competition! Fortunately for you, you'll be able to meet these winning demonic characters at Universal Studios Florida's Face Off scarezone!

If you dare to contend with the purge, to walk with the dead and dance with cannibals then you may just survive the world's most horrific  celebration of the dead. 

Halloween Horror Nights takes place at Universal Studios Florida select dates between the 19th September and the 1st November. Get your Frequent Fear Passes for Halloween Horror Nights with Attraction Tickets Direct and check back in for more scares coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2014!

Till next time Halloween Horror Nighters!

The Purge GIF

Orlando , Universal Studios Florida , Halloween Horror Nights , Halloween in Orlando , Halloween Horror Nights 2014