Wrestle with Gators with This Month’s Special Offer

Gatorland Tickets , Orlando
Wrestle with Gators with This Month’s Special Offer
Get snappy with booking your Orlando park tickets!
We’ve got a brand new offer for April – a FREE day at Gatorland when you purchase your 2016 Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando or SeaWorld tickets with us this month!

Gatorland Is often described to us by our customers as one of the highlights of their holiday outside of the bigger more well-known parks. With your free tickets, you can explore the incredible 110-acre alligator park and even get up close and personal with hundreds of the native alligators which rule the waters around Florida.

Some of the park keepers get even more up close and personal than you’d probably like to during the daily alligator wrestling show, where they wrestle a 6 to 8-foot alligator before climbing into its snapping jaws! Climbing on to the gator’s back, the park keepers explain a few survival tips to the audience on how to react in a gator attack – but let’s hope that’s advice you’ll never need to use! The Gator wrestling show is on three times a day, so be sure to check the show schedule on arrival.



If you’d prefer to just watch the gators feed, check out the Gator Jumparoo Show, which is on three times a day. Watch as the gators leap four or five feet into the air to catch their prey from the hands of their trainers, while you’re safely in the comfort of your seat of course.  


Gatorland Jumparoo


Gator wrestling and feeding aside, there’s also plenty to see at the Up-Close Animal Encounters Show, where you’ll get to see some of the most dangerous snakes alive alongside four of the largest white alligators in the world! These white gators are an extremely rare sight, with their bright white skin and piercing blue eyes making them all the more menacing. The show takes place twice a day, so make sure to look out for it!


White gator at Gatorland


We’re giving you a free ticket to visit this incredible park with all Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando or SeaWorld bookings made this month. So what are you waiting for?! Check out our range of great-value Florida park tickets right here.

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Gatorland Tickets , Orlando