A Handy Guide to Theme Park Pocket Essentials

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A Handy Guide to Theme Park Pocket Essentials
Fill your pockets like a pro with our handy guide!
Days out to the awesome theme parks in Orlando are what holidays are all about. Although full of fun and amazing experiences, organising what to bring along on a family trip to an Orlando theme park can require a lot of forward planning and preparation, and can turn into something resembling a military operation!

Once you have purchased your Orlando tickets you’re nearly set to take on the rides of the theme parks! But before you head out, make sure to read our guide on how best to equip yourself for the perfect day out. Our Theme Park Pocket Essentials guide is packed with expert advice on foldable and waterproof gadgets that will make sure your day out in Orlando runs smoothly.


Keep your gadgets dry

Having your mobile phone or digital camera on hand is essential for a trip to a theme park. You can snap pictures of your day and also you can keep in touch with your group if you get split up or decide to pair off and meet up again later. But water rides and electronics don’t really mix! We spoke to some experts in protective cases that will guarantee to keep your precious technology safe and dry while you’re having a wild ride.


OverBoard iPhone Case

If you want to take your phone to a theme park but don’t want to risk getting it wet and ruined, then a waterproof case is certainly a pocket essential for a theme park trip. We spoke to Luke at OverBoard, who specialise in waterproof cases for electric gadgets. Check them out here.

Overboard waterproof iphone case

So Luke, why are your cases a theme park pocket essential?

“Our Waterproof Phone Cases are ideal for being used whilst enjoying your favourite water rides allowing you to snap away whilst your device is protected from the elements. You can have peace of mind that no matter how wet you get, your phone will be safe and dry. Our Waterproof Large Phone Cases are big enough to accommodate even the largest of SMART phones. Stay connected and fully protected as you enjoy your day!”


Jersey Bin®

Jersey Bin logo


JerseyBin®  have created handy little pouches that are perfect to slip into your pocket and protect expensive and personal items while you’re out at a theme park. Totally waterproof and -10°F crack tolerant, these pouches will protect your car keys, Disney tickets, credit cards, cash and more, keeping everything safe and dry. What’s more, JerseyBins are totally customisable, meaning you can personalise your own pouch with a name or number to call should you misplace it. We spoke to Rob Kortus, the Owner and Founder of JerseyBin®:

JerseyBin water and Rocks

Hi Rob, why do you think a JerseyBin® is a pocket essential for a theme park trip?

"JerseyBins are an essential theme park accessory due to the waterproof protective qualities of the pouch Made in the USA, JerseyBins will accommodate any size cell phone. JerseyBins are IPX-7 waterproof certified, therefore providing full protection for your expensive electronics such as cell phones and other personal items from rain, sweat, dust and dirt. Use cell phone touchscreens through the pouch without removing the phone from the pouch. JerseyBins are highly durable due to the -10 degree Fahrenheit cold crack 10 gauge vinyl and double sealed seams. After use, JerseyBins are also fully recyclable."


Keep yourself dry

We all love the water rides at theme parks – the anticipation that you might get soaked at any second is such a thrill and part of what makes theme parks so awesome. However, getting drenched from head to toe during your first ride isn’t going to make the rest of your trip very fun. No one wants to walk around Disney World with soggy trousers! With this in mind, we have added a waterproof poncho to our guide for theme park pocket essentials.


Unicorn Poncho

We have found this fabulous Poncho from Prezzybox, which is sure to make you stand out from the crowd and keep you dry, and it also folds neatly away into your pocket when you’re not using it. We chatted to Fran from Prezzybox:


PrezzyBox unicorn poncho

Hi Fran, so why is this cute poncho a theme park essential?

“Theme Parks are packed with Ponchos, they aren't just an essential to keep waterproof on rides, and they’re a quirky and creative style essential for that fun day out. Pop them easily into your pocket, and bring brightness to any super soaking ride!”



If you’re not a fan of pink, or unicorns, or maybe have more than one little one to keep dry during your day out to an Orlando theme park, then you may want to get a multipack of waterproof ponchos. This pack of three from Poundland is just £1, and they fold up so small that even all 3 will fit in your pocket until you need them.

Pack of three disposable ponchos from Poundland


Wet/Dry Bag from SkipHop

If you are unfortunate enough to get soaked during a ride, then you might want somewhere to pack your wet clothes. Mums and dads, you might also need somewhere to put dirty nappies or dirty clothes while on the go. This handy little wet/dry bag will fold into your pocket when you’re not using it and clips safely onto a rucksack or pushchair once it’s in use. The bag has two sections to keep wet and dry things separate – definitely a theme park pocket essential!


Keep clean

 With so many people packed into theme parks you will want to try and keep your hands clean and as germ-free as possible. And, as accidents can happen, a few plasters and first aid essentials are always a handy thing to keep in your pockets for a theme park trip.


Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Store bought hand sanitizer can be tough on little hands, and can also sting if it gets into cuts due to the high alcohol content. We found this great recipe for homemade hand sanitizer on Beauty by the Geeks that will eliminate bacteria on little hands as well as keeping them smelling fresh.

Beauty by the Geeks logo


·         300ml of filter water

·         1 tsp of aloe vera gel

·         10 drops of rosemary essential oil

·         20 drops lemon essential oil

According to the experts at BbtG: “Rosemary oil is a particularly good anti-bacterial agent, and has effects on both gram negative and gram positive bacteria (these are two different classes of bacteria and both these classes of bacteria can be harmful depending on the strain). Importantly, rosemary oil targets E.coli and E.faecalis – which are known to have disease-causing variants, so we certainly don’t want them sticking around on our hands!” – Beautybythegeeks.com

All you need to do is mix the ingredients, pop some in a bottle, and personalise with your favourite Disney character stickers and you have some fantastic natural hand sanitizer.


Disney Plasters

And finally, a pocket essential for any trip and certainly one to have around in case you have an unfortunate trip or fall in a theme park. These plasters, or band aids, from Elastoplast are skin friendly and safe for children and come in 16 funky Disney Princess designs.


Be ready for autograph opportunities

You never know who you’re going to bump into when walking round an Orlando theme park. If you’re visiting Disney World then you’ll want to keep an eye out for your favourite characters and maybe even get their autographs.


Staedtler Lumocolor marker

If you do bump into Minnie, Micky or your favourite Disney character, make sure you have a permanent pen in your pocket to capture their autograph and add to your collection. We spoke to Rachel from Staedtler UK about why she thinks that a Lumocolor is the best tool for the job:

Staedtler Lumocolour Pen

“Personalise your possessions with a Lumocolor permanent marker from STAEDTLER. In an array of different colours and line widths, these versatile pens will write on virtually any surface and are therefore perfect for labelling all of your kit. They’re also just the job for autograph hunters!” - Rachel  Wooley 

Image Credits: traveljunction (Flickr), OverBoard, JerseyBin®, Prezzybox, Poundland

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