Hot off the Press: The Orlando Blogs Worth Reading

Orlando , Orlando Theme parks , Orlando blogs
Hot off the Press: The Orlando Blogs Worth Reading
Here’s our list of great blogs which are packed full of tips to use on your Orlando holidays...
The rise of the internet has resulted in there being a new place to share information, and when it comes to theme parks in Orlando, this information sharing culture has seen specialist bloggers thrive. On the internet you can find loads of people who love nothing more than covering the different aspects of the Orlando theme park experience to share with people like you!
Here’s our list of great sources that you should check out before your holidays....
Attraction Tickets Direct’s Latest News Blog
We had to include our Latest News blog, just because we think it’s so useful! Two of our main contributors are Simon and Susan Veness, our Orlando experts who have years of experience under their belts – they spent over 12 years working in Orlando and lived close enough to Walt Disney World to cycle around it. They help us keep up to date with all that’s going on in the theme parks – particularly what’s hot right now – so keep checking back to make sure you don’t miss out on the newest and most exciting parts of the theme parks.
You can also find plenty of fun and useful articles in our Latest News blog if you're travelling to other US destinations, such as 8 Ways to Explore New York Like TV's Greatest FRIENDS! and informative Orlando blogs, like The Best free Apps to Get You Through Orlando Theme Parks. If you like being entertained or are looking for Orlando holiday tips, you’ve come to the right place.
Orlando Attractions Magazine
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Orlando Attractions Magazine is another valuable source worth reading before your holidays, with their blog updated almost every day to offer the most up-to-date developments across the city of theme parks. As well as the blog, the website also features a calendar that could help those looking for great things to do during their getaways.
We got in touch with Orlando Attractions Magazine and asked them what they think is the best ride at Walt Disney World, to which they said among their favourites is the Buzz Lightyear ride at the Magic Kingdom park. If you are looking to experience the ride after purchasing your cheap Disney tickets from us, click here for an article they previously created to help you get the highest score possible. If you want to experience this great ride for yourself, be sure to purchase your Orlando Theme park tickets from Attraction Tickets Direct. 

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Inside The Magic
If you are looking for specialist news and updates from across the enchanted realm of Walt Disney World, Inside the Magic offers an endless wizard’s hat of useful information to get families prepared for their Orlando Adventures. Covering all the latest developments while also reporting on theme park speculation, it’s the best way to be the first to know what’s worth knowing! While specialising in Walt Disney World, Inside the Magic also covers the latest and greatest goings on at Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens. 

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Coaster Critic
With queues for rollercoasters sometimes hundreds of bodies long, it could be worthwhile to find out exactly how a ride rates before you spend hours waiting in line. With this in mind, The Coaster Critic offers the perfect source of information when penning your thrill-seeking itinerary. From Kraken at Sea World to Kumba at Busch Gardens, The Coaster Critic can offer all the information you could possibly need on Orlando’s best rides.
Orlando Informer
The undisputed number one name in Orlando Holiday planning, Orlando Informer allows you to navigate across the theme parks like an expert. From tips on how to avoid the long queues, saving money and how best to spend your time, it means that the whole family can enjoy every day at its brilliant best and – more importantly – head home without feeling like they missed anything. With tips on the latest events taking place, be sure to pay this website a visit before you jet off. The only thing left is for you to decide where your Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando or Discovery Cove theme park tickets will take you first. 
Theme Park Review
While details on the rides and attractions at Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and others can be found by visiting their websites, what they won’t say is which is the best ride to head to first, ultimately resulting in extra planning of your holidays. If only there was a website which offered extensive reviews on all the rides? Fortunately, this is exactly what Theme Park Review has to offer; a platform for previous holidaymakers to review their experiences of theme parks for the benefit of future visitors. As well as Orlando attractions, the website also offers experiences from across the world, meaning it’s a great place to head before heading off to theme parks in other major cities. 
Orlando Weekly
For those that want to explore Orlando further than the theme park gates, Orlando Weekly is a fountain of information on restaurants, shows and other necessities for a great holiday. Although this serves mainly as a general news website, this alternative weekly newsletter could be a great way of finding out how best to experience the true Orlando city experience. 
Renowned as the place to head for all the news across the district of Orlando, WESH has everything you need to know from community updates and accurate predictions on the weather. As well as this, the website also has a dedicated theme park section through its blog – meaning you won’t have to miss anything from this magical world.  
After checking out the information offered from all of these great sources, be sure to purchase your Orlando theme park tickets from Attraction Tickets Direct for the best price guaranteed!

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Orlando , Orlando Theme parks , Orlando blogs