How to Avoid the Queues in Orlando

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How to Avoid the Queues in Orlando
Our top tips
Spend less time queuing and more time riding the roller coasters with our top tips on how to avoid the queues at the Orlando theme parks…

Orlando is considered the theme park capital of the world and is home to some of the biggest, scariest and most iconic rollercoasters in the world. Of course, this means you can expect long queues if you want to ride them. There are ways to avoid the queues though, and we’ve got some top tips to share with you on the best ways to do it…


Pre-book your tickets:

It’s not just the ride queues you’ll want to avoid, but the queues to get inside the parks too. By pre-booking your tickets, you’ll save money and be able to walk straight into the park, as all of our tickets are gate ready. That means no waiting around to exchange a voucher for a real ticket, as you’ll already have everything you need.


Arrive early:

It’s so important to arrive early, and by early we mean before the parks have even opened. We recommend you get there about half an hour before to make sure that you’re one of the first in. With the park basically empty, you can enjoy the most popular rides, with the shortest queues you’ll see all day. By the time the park starts to get really busy (around midday) you would’ve had time to ride all your ‘must do’ attractions. This might sound like an obvious tip, but so many people choose to ignore it and opt for a lie in instead!

When the parks are at their busiest, take a break from the heat and relax at your hotel or indulge in a bit of shopping before returning in the late afternoon/evening when they are less crowded. This will give you another chance to get on those rides much faster and watch the evening shows too.


Start with the most popular rides:

Walt Disney World Tower of Terror

There are so many amazing things to see from the moment you step inside the park, and it can be tempting to stop and take photos of pretty much everything. But, if you’re all about the rides, we’d recommend going straight to the ones at the top of your list and safe the selfies for later. By starting with the most popular rides, you’ll get to tick them off your bucket list in no time, as well as guaranteeing shorter queues for the rest of the day- win win!


Go on the main attractions when the shows are on:

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to miss out! There are several shows, parades and performances running throughout the day, so there’s always time to experience the magic. Pick up a park map when you arrive for the full schedule, and you can decide which performances you really want to see. The shows always draw large crowds, so make the most of the shorter ride queues during this time. If you’re able to stay later, you’ll have time to watch the dazzling ‘Wishes Nighttime Spectacular’ fireworks show, which is a perfect way to end the night.


Have a plan:

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Mapi

It’s vital to do plenty of research before your holiday, to find out what attractions you’d most like to experience. Each of Orlando’s theme parks has its own iconic rides, and it’s important to know that these are going to be the ones with the longest queues. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with a park map and make a plan, so that once you arrive you can head straight to the rides that you’re most looking forward to.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, make sure that The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the first place you go when the park opens. The ‘Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey’ ride can have a queue that’s up to an hour long almost as soon as the park has opened (often over 2 hours during peak times!), and if you get there early, you can avoid these long queues and maybe even ride again before it gets too busy. We’re sure you’ll want to!


Save time queuing at Walt Disney World with FastPass+:

FastPass+ Walt Disney World

All of our Walt Disney World tickets include use of the fantastic FastPass+ system. This enables you to reserve selected attractions and shows before you even get on the plane. You’ll also be able to reserve a range of character experiences, which is definitely worth doing, as they are all extremely popular and queuing to meet your favourite characters can take up a lot of valuable time. FastPass+ lets you book these incredible experiences up to 30 days in advance or 60 days in advance for those staying at a Disney Resort hotel. If you download the My Disney Experience App, you’ll be able to manage and edit your bookings with the free Wi-Fi in the parks, so don’t worry if you need to change your plans.


Explore the park backwards:

Go straight to the back of the park and work your way towards the front. This might sound a bit strange, but most guests start with the first ride they see, or at least the ones closest to the entrance of the park. By starting at the back, you can get straight on the rides that no one else is even thinking about yet. By the time you make your way back, the rides closer to the front should have freed-up a bit meaning less queuing time.


Single rider lines:

Universal Studios Florida Single Rider lines

Whether you’re visiting with friends or family, most people want to experience the rides together, which is totally understandable, but it’s worth considering single rider lines for the parks top attractions. These lines can save hours of your time, giving you more opportunity to enjoy the rest of the rides. We recommend trying single rider lines for the most popular attractions and riding the attractions with shorter queues together.


Extra park hours:

If you’re staying at one of the resort hotels, you’ll be able to benefit from extra hours inside the theme parks, with most on-site hotels offering their guests early admission. This means that not only will you be right on the doorstep, but right at the front of the queue (if you get up early of course!). Visit the park before the crowds arrive and you’ll be able to ride all of your favourite attractions- minus the queues!


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