How to take a Selfie at Walt Disney World

How to take a Selfie at Walt Disney World
You don’t need a selfie stick to take a great selfie!

If you’re longing for a truly magical experience during your holidays, it’s hard to find anywhere quite as special as Walt Disney World Resort. You will obviously want to capture your experiences to remember them time and time again, and the selfie has become the new method of capturing personal images which you can keep for a lifetime.

If you’re taking advantage of our cheap Walt Disney World tickets and want to take some fantastic selfies of your own, we’ve completed the perfect guide to help you along every step of the way. As Selfie sticks are now banned across all the Disney theme parks, we’ve got everything you need below.

The selfie app

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with just using your front camera and snapping away, but if you want to edit out a blemish or even change the colour balance, it’s quite a hassle to transfer your images over and use software on your PC. However, there is a solution in the form of specialist selfie apps.

Sorcerer's Hat

Among the best apps available is Candy Camera.

Candy Camera is available for both iPhone and Android devices and is free to download. With more than one million 5 Star ratings on Google Play alone, its reputation among the best selfie tools is undisputed.

Complete with a variety of real-time filters that are completely adaptable, you can see exactly what your selfie is going to look like before you make the changes. As well as the filters, the Candy Camera also has a Blemish removal tool, which polishes or removes any aspects you don’t want in the photo. In the image below, Candy Camera has removed a mole from the side of her mouth.

Blemish tool

After we got in contact with Candy Camera, here’s some of the selfie tips that they recommend whilst visiting Disney World.

“For the fun occasion of visiting amusement parks such as Disney World and other attractions, we recommend bright filters such as Everyday, Cherryade, Marshmallow, Barbie Pink, Lemonade and Rainbow. These will make you look great but not take away from the overall picture and background because they’re subtle.”

-          Candy Camera

Candy Camera is also great if you have a large phone as it allows you to capture pictures using the volume control or even touching anywhere on the screen. Finally, Candy Camera has a special collage feature so you can create fun photos with a variety of different poses; it’s an unbeatable way to take pictures of multiple people!



The selfie tool

As well as apps, there are other tools you can use with your phone to help you in your quest for perfect selfies. One of the most common issues with selfies arises when people go to take photos of large groups of people, especially as your arm is only so long. One product to help with this is the Selfie Shutter from Red5. It’s a Bluetooth remote which you can use up to 10 metres away from your phone; no longer will you have to worry about using the self-timer and running back to get in the photo! Being a lot more discreet than a selfie stick makes it a great alternative.

Selfie Shutter

Because of the fact that you’re using it instead of the camera’s shutter button, it will reduce the amount of camera wobble so you can take perfect selfies each and every time. As well as this, it also has a sixth month battery life so you won’t need to worry about running out of battery each time you want to use it!

Selfie Shutter Remote

The selfie tips

The selfie is nowadays considered a true art form. To find out more about Disney-related selfies we talked to Monet from Theme Park Princess. As a self-confessed Disney Addict, she’s got some great advice on how to get the perfect selfie during your trip to this magical theme park resort.

“Sometimes a straight head on picture doesn’t get everyone and everything in the shot, so tilt your phone and find an angle that works for you! Some of my favourite pictures from my trips to Disney are selfies with my family and friends, and you don’t need a selfie stick (which is banned from all Disney parks) to get a picture perfect shot.”

-          Monet, Theme Park Princess

Monet also told us her top six places to get a selfie at Disney World, and we’ve listed them below:

• In front of Cinderella Castle/On Main Street in Magic Kingdom

• In front of the Tower of Terror in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

• In front of The Tree of Life in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

• In front of Spaceship Earth in EPCOT

• On your favourite rides

• With your favourite characters!

Disney Selfie Montage

Also able to offer a selfie tip were the people at Candy Camera:

Most people make the mistake of looking at their own image on the screen, but we suggest looking at the lens of the front camera for wider and brighter eyes. Enjoy!

-          Candy Camera

Take your selfies worldwide

Now that we’ve offered all you need for creating the best selfies, why not use your new skills in other destinations around the world? While Paris is thought to be the most popular selfie destination, you can also apply these tips when visiting the second-most favoured place for selfies – the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

New York Selfie

Slightly behind is New York, with the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock in fifth and ninth place, so be sure to take your phone and pre-order your New York attraction tickets for the ultimate photo!

Image Credit: Candy Camera, Red5, Theme Park Princess