Heroes & Legends Set to Launch at Kennedy Space Center

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Heroes & Legends Set to Launch at Kennedy Space Center
Launching this week!
An exciting new exhibit is set to open at the Kennedy Space Center. Get ready to discover the adventures of America's most famous astronauts...

A new immersive experience called ‘Heroes & Legends’, will launch at the Kennedy Space Center on 11th November, celebrating the brave and adventurous men and women of America’s space program. This exciting exhibit questions what it takes to become a hero, and invites guests to embark on a mission to find out for themselves. Located just inside the entrance of the complex, the awe-inspiring display will share the background of space exploration and introduce you to the heroes and legends who made it all possible.

The Astronaut Hall of Fame is a highlight you won’t want to miss. The impressive interactive technology will allow you to virtually connect with almost 100 astronaut heroes that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. A 365-video cylinder will display their unique stories, giving you the chance to get to know each astronaut and find out about their thrilling space escapades. Get your best pose ready, because there will also be a special photo opportunity that allows you to pose with the legends you meet.


Kennedy Space Center Heores and Legends


An exhilarating 4D multisensory theatre experience allows you to join the astronauts on their adventures as you discover the thrills and dangers of America’s earliest space missions. Be prepared for fog, mist, wind, water and plenty more special effects, that will bring to life the extraordinary stories of America’s pioneering astronauts. The seven-and-a-half-minute show overlooking planet Earth, will fully immerse you into the excitement of the very first space missions, placing you “in the moment” alongside four space age heroes.

Kennedy Space Center aim to “spark thought about how humans define a hero” in their fantastic presentations that let you virtually meet some of NASA’s most famous heroes. You’ll also be able to see a range of astronaut memorabilia and space artefacts in a totally unique way, thanks to incredible interactive exhibits. Look out for Wally Schirra climbing aboard the Sigma 7 Mercury spacecraft! The state of the art exhibition will even feature holograms which the kids (and big kids!) will love.

Heroes & Legends is sure to be a popular event, so make sure you don’t miss out! If you’ll be in Orlando for the opening, it’s definitely worth paying a visit for the chance to see some of the most famous astronauts of all time- including Buzz Aldrin! Who is your hero?

For a preview of what you can expect, check out the video below…



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