Limited Time Magic: 101 Dalmatians 1961 Trailer!

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Limited Time Magic: 101 Dalmatians 1961 Trailer!
Check out Walt Disney Pictures original 101 Dalmatians trailer!
In spirit of Disney World’s Limited Time Magic experience this week, which brings characters from ‘vintage’ Disney films to the Magic Kingdom for meet and greets, reminisce and take a nostalgic moment to watch Disney’s 101 Dalmatians trailer – released in the 60s!

Original 1961 Trailer for Disney's 101 Dalmatians!



On the 21st April 1961 Walt Disney’s 101 Dalmatians was released in the cinemas, as the 17th title in the Walt Disney Classic Series. The animated film, an adaptation of the book written by Dodie Smith, tells the tale of one of Disney’s most prolific female villains, Cruella de Vil, and her theft of one hundred and one Dalmatian puppies that she steals in order to have herself a fur coat made.
Cruella de Vil, also known as the cruel devil, is possibly the most prominent character in the film – her monochrome hair, spindly figure and that cigarette holder, a constant extension of her scrawny fingers seem to stay stuck in the mind – no matter how long ago you might have watched the film. 
However, you might have forgotten about the love story of Roger and Anita, owners of Pongo and Perdy the Dalmatians. The coming together of Roger and Anita unites Pongo and Perdy and, not soon after, along comes a litter of Dalmatians that kick start the entire story. 
Although Walt Disney’s animated 101 Dalmatians was remade for film in 1996, starring Glenn Close as the cruel devil herself, the One Hundred and One Dalmatian characters are a rarity at the Disney parks. You might be able to catch a quick glance of the puppies and Cruella in Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween parade each year, and Cruella was spotted making a cameo at Epcot this year, these 101 Dalmatian characters don’t seem to be a main fixture at the parks.
So far Disney has confirmed that Robin Hood, The Three Little Pigs and Clarabelle Cow will be amongst the classic Disney characters gracing the Magic Kingdom with their presence this week as part of this Limited Time Magic experience, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a rare villainess sighting of Cruella De Vil. 
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Orlando , Disney World , Disney's Magic Kingdom , Disney's Limited Time Magic