New 'Us' Themed House Announced for Universal's Halloween Horror Nights

New 'Us' Themed House Announced for Universal's Halloween Horror Nights
You are your own worst nightmare..
Another house has been revealed for Halloween Horror Nights 2019, based on Jordan Peele’s hit film “Us”.

Universal Orlando Resort are treating us to loads of announcements lately, and the newest one comes in the form of a debut Halloween Horror Nights house. The house, which is based on Jordan Peele’s massive blockbuster horror film “Us”, looks to be utterly terrifying - which you’ll definitely know if you’ve seen the movie. 

As you enter the shocking reality of the global horror hit, you’ll walk through the Wilson family beach house and Santa Cruz Pier, which is where much of the film is set. You may even spot a familiar character out of the Fun House too....

Guests will also venture through the mile-deep tunnels that stretch below the very surface of America, and come face-to-face with the unnerving “The Tethered”, who are a group of terrifying doppelgangers of every person in the country. You’ll quickly learn that your are your own worst enemy.

See main character Adelaide Wilson go through a traumatic encounter with her own Tethered double, Red. This experience is horrifying and the deadly dance has a fatal ending to match. 

As guests venture ever deeper through the haunted house, they will be transported to the modern-day, and a time where the “The Tethered” are determined to take on their privileged upperworld counterparts and rise-up from their underground homes.This is a plan of murder, and revenge. 

You can’t run for your life, and there’s no escaping from yourself.


The “Us” house is joining a host of other exciting yet terrifying attractions already announced for Halloween Horror Nights, including Ghosbusters, Killer Klowns and Stranger Things themed houses. 

The annual event kicks off next month on September 6, running on selected weekends until November 2nd. Guests will be treated with 10 haunted houses, 5 scare zones, live entertainment and more. 

Ready to get your scare on? Book your tickets to Halloween Horror Nights here. 

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