New Virtual Reality Coaster Coming to LEGOLAND Florida

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New Virtual Reality Coaster Coming to LEGOLAND Florida
Get ready for some formula fun!
An exciting new racing experience is coming soon to LEGOLAND Florida...

LEGOLAND Florida have just announced plans to open a brand new virtual reality roller coaster called The Great LEGO Race! The good news is, there’s not long to wait before you can try it out, as the ride will be unveiled next spring! Described as the “wildest LEGO race ever imagined”, the coaster is sure to up the thrill factor at the park.


Great Lego Race at Legoland Florida


The Merlin Magic Making team will totally transform the park’s existing Project X roller coaster, into an all-new high-octane racing experience. Little ones will get the chance to take to the track after being asked if they're brave enough to “face, race and beat the best of the best in all of LEGO world”. Those who are up for the challenge, can expect an adventure like no other.

Candy Holland (Senior Creative Director for Merlin Magic Making) describes the new attraction as “a unique LEGO adventure that lets kids enter an epic imaginary world made entirely from LEGO bricks, featuring a host of different themes and fun LEGO characters, all mixed up together."


The Great Lego Race at Legoland Florida


Virtual reality headsets and state of the art technology will give riders a fully immersive experience throughout. You’ll see plenty of familiar faces from the world of LEGO too, as they race by on wacky brick-built contraptions. Expect to see the likes of Trendsetter, Pharaoh, Surfer Girl, Wizard and Pirate Captain zoom past on eccentric race vehicles like a rocket-powered surfboard and a unique scooter powered by espresso.

The adventure will begin before you even get on the ride. You’ll approach a colourful entry portal, where the sound of roaring engines fills the air and everything around you is made from LEGO. The queue area will be designed to look like a pre-race area where pit crews for the LEGO racers are preparing for the competition ahead. There’ll also be several interactive elements to keep the little ones entertained until its time to race.

Prepare for plenty of thrills, dazzling special effects and incredible virtual reality technology, as you embark on the race of your life.


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