New Wooden Roller Coaster Opening in Florida THIS WEEK!

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New Wooden Roller Coaster Opening in Florida THIS WEEK!
Find out when Florida's latest attraction opens...
The Mine Blower roller coaster opens at Fun Spot Kissimmee this Friday – and it’s landing with a bang!

The brand-new coaster is actually a hybrid coaster of wood and steel to combine the wonderful authentic old-school feel of a wooden rollercoaster with the smooth ride of a modern attraction. The ride promises 12 air-time experiences over nearly 700m of track with plenty of banks, drops and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The first big drop takes you on an 82-foot descent back to earth at a top speed of 49 miles per hour, offering plenty of air time as you go over the top and the chance to feel g-forces as you speed back out of the drop. Here's a handy diagram to show you exactly how this new roller coaster works to make sure you experience maxium thrills:


Mine Blower air time


As you can see from this shot taken from above, this brand new coaster is going to be an epic addition to the Fun Spot Kissimmee Park:


Mine Blower Roller coaster Kissimmee


This new ride joins the ranks of the park's other thrill-filled attractions such as the world's tallest Sky Coaster, the Rockstar Coaster and Headrush 360, making it a definite must for thrill seekers visiting the Florida theme parks.

Who else is excited to visit Fun Spot Kissimmee this summer and ride the epic new Mine Blower roller coaster? Make sure you pre-book your tickets in advance to be able to enjoy all the rides at no extra cost when you enter the park. 

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