Orlando Friday Round Up - 14th June!

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Orlando Friday Round Up - 14th June!
By Susan and Simon Veness
Tropical Storm Andrea kicked off the summer season in style, dropping nearly a month’s worth of rain on Lake Buena Vista in two days. But that didn’t put a damper on the excitement, so let’s have a look at what’s going on in Orlando this week.
Pirates Dinner Adventure
Pirates Dinner Adventure has been experimenting with alternative shows, and their recent tweak to the main show looks like a winner. Instead of creating a whole new story, as they did with Camelot Knights and The Three Musketeers, Pirates has enhanced their stock-in-trade with a final, frightful menace. Your adventure begins in a seaside port, where the Princess and her guests are being entertained by a winsome gypsy girl. But the festivities are overrun by pirates who kidnap the Princess, the gypsy, and you, with the dastardly desire to use the Princess as a sacrifice once they reach Treasure Bay.
Captain Sebastian the Black has his sights set on a treasure so vast it is guarded by an angry sea dragon, and only a royal sacrifice will placate the beast. A great deal of swashbuckling takes place, with kidnapped guests cheering on their designated pirate the whole way. In the end it’s up to young Benjamin Blue, the newest pirate in the crew, to save the Princess from a grisly fate when the sea dragon arrives to claim his prize.

Pirates Dinner Adventure: Rise of the Sea Dragon shows nightly, with pre-show appetizers, a three-course dinner, and the fun Buccaneer Bash after the evening’s final show. 

SeaWorld announced its Sea of Surprises campaign celebrating SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment’s 50th anniversary with 18 months of in-park “surprises” beginning 21 March 2014.  Interactive experiences, special shows, street performers, interactive apps, prizes and special gifts join delightful small animal encounters as the Surprise Squad makes its way through the park. We think it will add even more value for money to the exceptional experience SeaWorld already provides.
Downtown Disney
Downtown Disney is hotter than ever, in a very good way! The new Lava Lounge at Rainforest Café has opened, and it’s proving to be one of the area’s most laid-back, comfortable get-away-from-it-all spots. Check out our full picture review on the Attraction Tickets Direct forum, including video of the fabulous erupting volcano show. And feel free to join in! It’s the friendliest forum on the internet. 
Restaurant Recommendation
One of the great joys of an Orlando holiday for many overseas visitors is a big, juicy burger with all the fixins. Our thumbs-up goes to casual style Red Robin in Winter Garden Village. There are 19 ‘designer’ burgers to choose from, as well as pasta, salads, wraps, pizza, and more. But why bother when you can have that delicious fire-grilled burger taste? Join their loyalty club for loads of money-saving specials.
Things We Hear: An 8 year old girl and her mother were walking into Epcot’s World Showcase. “Is that Mexico?” the girl asked. “Yes,” her mother replied. The girl paused a moment, then said, “I never realized Mexico was so small.”
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Orlando , Disney World , SeaWorld , Downtown Disney , Disney Dining , Dinner Shows