SeaWorld Aids the Rescue of Hurricane Sandy Pets

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SeaWorld Aids the Rescue of Hurricane Sandy Pets
Cats and dogs made orphans after Hurricane Sandy find new homes…
On Friday 17th November SeaWorld animal experts chaperoned 60 cats and dogs made homeless by Hurricane Sandy, aboard a chartered Southwest Airlines flight to the orphaned animal’s new home in San Diego.

We wanted to share this story with you, although on a sadder note than our usual ATD News, for the animal lovers and SeaWorld fans amongst you, but most importantly to recognise those whose lives have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.

On Friday 17th November SeaWorld animal experts lent their expertise to a charitable cause, this time contributing to the rescue of the pets left without their homes and families due to the devastating event of Hurricane Sandy. 
Beginning as a tropical wave in the western Caribbean Sea, the strength of Hurricane Sandy progressively strengthened and by the time it had arrived in the United States, after travelling through the Caribbean and the Bahamas Hurricane Sandy had intensified to a Category 1 hurricane – the most damaging Atlantic hurricane after Hurricane Katrina. 
Hurricane Sandy hit New York on the 29th October leaving the lives, families, homes and business in distressing states. The SeaWorld group, renowned for their constant animal rescue efforts in the USA and famed for educating the masses on the conservation and care of animals via their theme parks and TV shows, joined forces with Southwest Airlines to rescue the pets whose homes had been destroyed and lives were at risk due to this natural disaster.
Not only did SeaWorld veterinarians and animal technicians accompany the 60 pets on the cross country Southwest Airline flight, but provided transportation for the animals to their new home at the Helen Woodward Animal Centre. Once the cats and dogs have received the necessary vaccinations and medical care they will be placed into their forever homes, where they can begin their new lives with new families.
“We have a long history of rescuing animals and giving them a second chance at life and helping this effort is a natural extension of our resources,” said SeaWorld spokesperson Becca Bides. “Helen Woodward Animal Center and Southwest Airlines are big-hearted organizations and long-standing partners of SeaWorld and we are thrilled to team together for a cause. Everyone involved in the rescue is going to incredible lengths to aid these displaced pets and to get them into loving homes.”    
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Orlando , SeaWorld news , SeaWorld rescue