The Cheetah Hunt is On at Busch Gardens

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The Cheetah Hunt is On at Busch Gardens
The rumble in the jungle is the launch of the Cheetah Hunt
On the 27th May 2011 the highly anticipated 'Cheetah Hunt' launched into the African landscapes of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Florida.

After eighteen months of preparation and apprehension the suspense has now officially subsided. On Friday 27th May 2011 Floridian theme park bloggers, enthusiasts and thrill seekers were left with their knuckles whitened and their adrenaline surging after riding on Busch Gardens newest and possibly most thrilling addition,the Cheetah Hunt. Anxious riders reportedly queued up to three hours, anticipating flying across the 4,429 feet of track  - nevertheless the wait proved to be well worth it. 


Experience the hunt of the cheetah

Inspired by the sprint of the world's fastest land animal, Cheetah Hunt is Florida's first ever triple launch coaster. Using state of the art technology, the force of repelling magnets accelerates riders to speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. Sharp bursts of energy take riders by surprise, propelling them at multiple launch points. The hunt lasts a record breaking 3½ minute minutes from the very first push to the final break, riders bolt up the iconic 102 foot windcatcher Tower, down into the subterranean trenches, over Busch Garden's historic Skyride, around a rocky canyon rushing with whitewater currents and through a heartline roll inversion.

Bloggers relayed that the coaster, albeit travelling at such high speeds, ran smoothly along the track and was particularly comfortable around the head area, as opposed to some of the older coasters that can be jerky and sometimes painful. However, for the fainthearted there are sufficient thrills to be caught on the ground in Cheetah Hunt's surrounding area, Cheetah Run.

Cheetah Run is the home of fourteen of the agile cats that actually inspired the entire attraction. The cheetahs can enjoy 11,000 square ft of grassland, natural rock formations, shaded alcoves, a waterfall and a 220 ft path for the cheetahs to do what they do best - run, allowing guests to witness the cheetahs in all their glory. Throughout the day Busch Gardens animal care experts conduct sprints with the cheetahs and stimulate the cats to show off their natural instinct to chase. Glass panel viewing windows offer amazing viewing opportunities and the chance to get closer than ever before to these mesmerising animals. 

Once again Busch Gardens is successful in creating yet another unique world-class mega attraction, further cementing Tampa Bay's Busch Gardens reputation as Florida's thrill-ride leader and as North America's premier zoological institutions. 'Cheetah Hunt will be an iconic coaster for Busch Gardens with views to both watch it and ride it, three launch points and a one of a kind animal habitat. Cheetah Hunt and Cheetah Run solidify Busch Gardens' portfolio of family experiences,' says Busch Gardens' President Jim Dean.

Whether you're after education or entertainment, Cheetah Hunt and Cheetah Run offer the perfect insight into the life and style of these stunning jungle cats. Experience the hunt of the cheetah for yourself, book your Busch Gardens tickets here.  

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment® , Busch Gardens , Orlando , Cheetah Hunt , New Attractions , Inspiration

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