The First Images of the Cobra’s Curse Snake Head Released

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The First Images of the Cobra’s Curse Snake Head Released
A ferocious snake head has appeared in Busch Gardens overnight...
Brace yourselves, the Cobra’s Curse snake head has finally gone up, and it’s as spectacular as the artwork promised!

On Monday, brand new pictures were released of the Cobra’s Curse ride construction and, after months of waiting, they definitely didn’t disappoint. You might remember from the original artwork images that the main feature of the new coaster is a giant cobra’s head (not surprising really, given the name), which rises up from the tracks in a suitably menacing fashion.


Cobras Curse artwork


Well, this week, the head finally went on in the quiet and darkness of the park after hours. The precious snake head, which dozens of artists have spent time engineering, fabricating and painting, was hoisted 80 feet into the air, where riders will come face to face with the monstrous creation after rising up the 70ft vertical lift at the start of the ride. In total, the ride will cover more than 2,100 feet of track and take a whopping 3 and a half minutes to complete.


Cobras Curse snake head

Cobras Curse snake head

Cobras Curse snake head


As well as coming fang to fang with the giant snake’s head, guests will dangle above a 400-cubic-foot exhibit of dangerous snakes including Jameson’s mambas, Angolan pythons and rhinoceros and gaboon vipers – definitely not one for the faint-hearted then! This new information comes just a few days after Busch Garden’s released the Cobra’s Curse backstory, so they’re really gearing up to meet their summer ride opening deadline.

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