What's new at SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment?

Busch Gardens , SeaWorld Parks , SeaWorld , New Attractions , Aquatica , Antarctica:Empire of the Penguin , Falcon's Fury , Ihu's Breakaway Falls
What's new at SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment?
Some fantastic new family attractions arrived in 2013, but 2014 looks like being the year of the big thrill at SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment...


Take some incredible animal shows featuring some of the most amazing animals from both land and sea and throw in some world class rides and you have SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. Whether you want to come swim with a dolphin, plummet down a vertical drop coaster or immerse yourself in the world of the penguin, these parks have something for everyone.


What was new in 2013?


The biggest thing for SeaWorld in 2013 was the spectacular new attraction Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. This first of its kind family ride takes you on a journey through Antarctica with a young penguin, before stepping out next to a huge penguin habitat that is home to King, Gentoo, Adelie and Rockhopper penguins. Short of going to Antarctica yourself, you won’t be able to get much closer to these amazing animals than this!

Down at Busch Gardens, the spectacular new stage show ‘Madagascar Live! Operation: Vacation’ opened back in May. This new show sees the stars of the hit animated movies come to life in this 20 minute musical adventure that the whole family will love.

What's happening in 2014?


Hot on the heels of winning the award for Best Water Park in our 2013 Orlando Awards, Aquatica have unveiled plans for a huge new attraction, Ihu’s Breakaway Falls. From what we have seen and heard, it looks similar to the ever popular Bomb Bay at Wet n’ Wild, only bigger and with multiple slides! Standing at 105 foot tall, it will be the highest slide of its kind in Orlando and we can’t wait to get out and try it in the summer.

Not to be outdone with the big thrills, there are plans for a new ride at Busch Gardens, that looks like it will most definitely fall into the category of white knuckle! Falcon’s Fury is a drop tower ride with a difference…after hoisting you up over 330ft, it will then tilt you 90 degrees so you are looking face down (as you do on Manta) and then will drop you to the ground. Anyone with vertigo may wish to look away!

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Busch Gardens , SeaWorld Parks , SeaWorld , New Attractions , Aquatica , Antarctica:Empire of the Penguin , Falcon's Fury , Ihu's Breakaway Falls

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