Our SeaWorld Parks Thrill-o-Meter!

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Our SeaWorld Parks Thrill-o-Meter!
Where do you fall on our thrill-o-meter?
There’s something for everyone at the SeaWorld Parks, from huge thrill rides to relaxing ‘chill’ rides! Here’s our top 5 ranging from the biggest thrill to the best chill…

5. Mako at SeaWorld

The stats speak for themselves with this one - it’s Florida’s tallest, fastest, longest and only hypercoaster and definitely the biggest thrill ride you’ll find at the SeaWorld Parks (although Falcon’s Fury would be a close 2nd!). The ride only opened last year so if you haven’t ridden it yet, make sure it’s first on your list on your next visit. With a 200ft drop, speeds of up to 73mph and a lap-bar design that ensures maximum ‘air time’ this is definitely one for your thrill seeker bucket list.    


Mako at SeaWorld


4. Kraken Unleashed at SeaWorld

This is a big thrill coaster and always will be, but now that you can ride the attraction wearing a virtual reality headset, you no longer see those big drops and inversions coming – making it great for those who are usually scared of the big coasters! It’s your choice whether you ride with or without the headset, so take it to the next level or just enjoy the ride in its natural state!


Kraken Unleashed


3. Cobra’s Curse at Busch Gardens

This ride picks up good speed but isn’t as high or fast as the other rides…great for the whole family and it’ll have you laughing a lot as you spin around the track. Despite the calmer ride experience, dramatic music and snakes can be found along the queue line – which means this ride still has a thrill element!


Cobra's Curse


2. Loggerhead Lane at Aquatica

Moving into the chill lane from the thrill lane is Loggerhead Lane at Aquatica. Lie back in a big inflatable ring and slowly meander along this lazy river – the perfect contrast to the thrills of certain other rides at the park (looking at you Ihu’s Breakaway Falls!). As you lounge in your ring, check out the sights of the thousands of tropical fish and spectacular Commersons dolphins which swim right alongside the river.


Loggerhead Lane Aquatica


1. Dolphin Lagoon at Discovery Cove

It’s nearly impossible to select which attraction at Discovery Cove is the most relaxing because the entire day is a break from your holiday…in paradise! However, we’ve picked the dolphin swim because it’s a lovely activity for the family to enjoy and will provide lasting memories. The experience is very relaxed and you’re given plenty of time to enjoy your swim with these beautiful creatures and your whole family.


Dolphin Lagoon


Whether you’re into the big thrills or the big chills when you visit Orlando, you won’t want to miss all the attractions the SeaWorld Parks have to offer. To buy tickets, click here.

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SeaWorld® Orlando Tickets , Orlando , Fun