Six Reasons You’ll Put Your Mobile Phone Down During Electric Ocean

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Six Reasons You’ll Put Your Mobile Phone Down During Electric Ocean
By ATD’s Florida Experts, Susan and Simon Veness
Some parks encourage guests to use their mobile phones relentlessly, either to keep up with a schedule or to upload tons of free advertising to their social media accounts. But Electric Ocean has 6 experiences you’ll enjoy more if you participate with your camera in your pocket.

Sea Lions Tonight: This annual parody pokes fun at SeaWorld’s shows and attractions. It’s always a big hit, and it makes a welcome change from the day-time show, Clyde and Seamore: Sea Lion High, which is—let’s face it—a bit of a ‘cultural understanding’ challenge for non-US visitors. Sea Lions Tonight takes a look at the park as only…well…a sea lion could see it. From Seamore riding “Virtual Kraken” to Clyde soaking the Splash Zone with a water hose, taking the Mickey is half the fun.


SEa Lions Show SeaWorld


The other half of the fun is the return of the much-loved Mime, who warmed up the crowds pre-Sea Lion High with his off-the-cuff treatment of park visitors. If you’re tapping away at your phone like the survival of the free world depends on it, the Mime will notice. And he’s going to shame you like you’ve never been shamed before. The beauty of it (for everyone else) is that you won’t even know it; you’ll just sit there, half-aware, wondering what 1,000 other people are laughing at. It’s way more fun to be the laugher than it is to be the laughee. Don’t be the laughee.


Mime at SeaWorld


Speaking of the Mime, long-time visitors who have seen Sea Lions Tonight in the past will surely recognize some of the costumes the Mime has worn in previous shows. A nice little touch of nostalgia you won’t want to miss.

Shamu’s Celebration, Light up the Night: The show starts with a Splash Zone warning two storeys high for a good reason, and if being soaked with sea water isn’t enough to get you to put your phone away, we’re not sure what is. If you’re sitting in higher ground, you’re safe from salt water corroding its way through your technology, but here’s a challenge for you: watch Shamu breeching in the centre of the pool through the lens of your phone’s camera, then put your phone down and watch again. The connection you’ll make with the magnificent animals in front of you is so much more powerful when you’re fully present, without the barrier of a lens between you and them.


Shamu show SeaWorld


And that’s the whole point of the show. World-renowned wildlife expert “Jungle” Jack Hannah says it best when he reminds guests that experiencing the power of seeing an animal up close “teaches the most important work we have, and that’s love. If you can’t love something, you can’t save something. If you love something, you’re inspired to save it.” Soak up the opportunity to make that face-to-face connection.

Club Sea Glowfamily dance party: Sure, you’re going to take a couple of quick snaps of your loved ones letting loose on the dance floor, but it’s hard to hold your phone still if you’re jumping around like a monkey on hot pavement when the club tunes start cranking.  

One of the most spectacular light shows in Orlando is a part of Club Sea Glow, and when the cool guy in the slick, white Saturday Night Fever suit shows up and manipulates beams of light during Extreme Beam, we’re not going to gripe if you pick up your phone and take a few pictures. But put it down again afterwards and marvel at the precision with which he literally seems to grab beams of light and move them around.


Club Sea Glow


Club Sea Glow runs from 8pm-10pm, and even if you’re not into dancing like your microwave isn’t watching, this family-friendly mosh pit is so much fun you may not be able to help yourself. If you’re visiting with children, it’s a given they’ll be out there bustin’ a move. And we’re going to come right out and say it: you should be pogoing with them (take our word for it…if you can jump up and down in a way that even remotely looks like you’re in time with the music, you’re going to fit right in. This dance party is all about fun). Memories—get out there and make some.


SeaWorld Electric Ocean


Ignite: The other reason you want to be on the dance floor is that you’ll be in pole position to turn yourself around and face the lagoon when SeaWorld’s spectacular Ignite laser light show kicks off. It’s high energy, it’s fast paced, and it spans a large enough area of the lagoon that you really need to watch it outside the confines of a viewfinder.


Ignite SeaWorld


Exclusive Electric Ocean food and beverages: Several kiosks around the park offer 30 new snacks and drinks created especially for Electric Ocean – from Shamu ice cream bars and tasty Maple Bacon Belgian Waffles, to craft beers and speciality cocktails – and, while we know you’re going to post pictures of every bite you put in your mouth, because that’s all your friends at home really care about seeing from your holiday, it’s impossible to walk around with a  salted caramel popcorn ice cream in one hand and a craft beer in the other without risking shattered-screen syndrome when you drop your phone.

And, as you would expect, there is a large selection of light-up merchandise to choose from, with some of it utilising RFID technology so that it lights up in time with the music at Club Sea Glow. Go ahead and take lots of pictures of the kiddies. We’ve already reached six reasons to put your phone away, so you can go ahead and pull it back out for those all-important snaps.  


Club Sea Glow SeaWorld


We’ve previously blogged about the full story on POP!, which is part of SeaWorld’s summertime extravaganza, and Kraken Unleashed, the virtual reality addition to the popular Kraken roller coaster, both of which are well worth doing while you’re in the park for all the night-time fun.

Electric Ocean runs every evening through 5 August and on select nights through 3 September, so you have plenty of time to see it if you’re planning to be in town soon. And we hope you see most of it from the passive side of a camera lens, fully engaged in the fun with the people you love.

If you have questions about Electric Ocean – or any of Orlando’s wonderful theme parks – be sure to visit Attraction Tickets Direct’s discussion forums, the friendliest forums on the internet!

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