Three Brand New Attractions Coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Next Month

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Three Brand New Attractions Coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Next Month
Exciting new developments at the Animal Kingdom park!
These brand new attractions will make the Animal Kingdom truly a full day park experience...

Although unfortunately Disney’s brand new Rivers of Light Attraction has been delayed, Disney have more than made it up to us Disney fans with the announcement of two brand new attractions hitting the park on Memorial Day next month!



The first attraction the park confirmed would definitely be opening on the 27th May is the Tree of Life: Awakenings show. The Tree of Life on Discovery Island has been wowing guests for a while as the centre piece of this nature-inspired park and now will be given a night-time makeover with its very own show. The tree is 145 feet tall, 50 feet wide and is home to over 300 meticulously detailed animal carvings which include monkeys, pelicans, rhinos, dolphins and hippos. You can spot these intricate carvings as you take a wander along the picturesque Discovery Island Trails.



And, from the 27th May, at night-time the Tree of Life will now light up with an array of beautiful colours and lights sure to mesmerize guests. Tipping its hat to the nature theme, the Tree will light up with hundreds of tiny dancing fireflies as well as an animal light shows featuring prancing deer, foxes and other small forest animals. Each revelation will last 3 minutes, so you’ll have plenty of time to catch those wily creatures!



The second big announcement Disney have made about changes coming to the Animal Kingdom is regarding the arrival of a brand new Jungle Book show! Jungle Book: Alive with Magic will begin on Memorial Day and will run throughout summer. The new show will reach peak nostalgia, with hits from the classic story, as well as including visual injections from the new film. The whole show will now be shown with an Indian-inspired influence, thanks to the new film. Memorial Day falls on the 30th May this year, so be sure to head to the park on this day to see the inaugural show.


Kilimanjaro Safari Sunset Animal Kingdom


Last but not least, the launch of the Nocturnal Encounters experience for the Kilimanjaro Safari will give guests a whole new opportunity to explore the savanna in a whole new light (or…lack of light as it may be!). You might think it will be difficult to spot some of the animals on the safari after dark but actually, the night-time is one of the most active times for the savanna’s residents. In cooler temperatures, the animals are more likely to be roaming about and preparing themselves for bedding down for the night and you’ll also benefit from the quieter park…making the experience even more magical!

The inclusion of some of these brand new attractions as after dark entertainment means that the Animal Kingdom is truly becoming a full day park – something we can’t wait to see!   

Which brand new experience are you most looking forward to? If you’re heading out to Orlando this summer, make sure you’ve got tickets for the Animal Kingdom, so you don’t miss out on these brand new attractions!

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