Top 10 Selfie Spots in Orlando

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Top 10 Selfie Spots in Orlando
10 places you need to take a selfie!
Today is National Selfie Day and to celebrate, we’ve put together a list of the top ten places to take a selfie at the Orlando theme parks…

Who needs a postcard when a selfie will do the job? There’s no better way to say “wish you were here” to your friends and family back home than with a sunny selfie from Orlando. Here’s our top pick of the best selfie spots at the Orlando theme parks…


1. Cinderella’s Castle


Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World


This is without a doubt one of the most famous Walt Disney World icons, and it’s also one of our favourite spots to snap a selfie! The iconic Cinderella Castle is the centre point of the Magic Kingdom, and the sight that will take your breath away as you walk down Main Street USA. If you’re staying in the park to watch the new night-time spectacular ‘Happily Ever After’, try to get the dazzling fireworks in the background to make your selfie even more special.


2. With Your Favourite Character


Meeting characters at Walt Disney World


A visit to Orlando isn’t complete until you’ve taken a photo with your favourite character. That’s why it’s a good idea to do a bit of research before you go, to find out exactly where you can find them in the parks. From Disney princesses and classic characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Walt Disney World, to superheroes and mischievous Minions at the Universal Orlando Resort, there’s plenty of exciting meet and greet opportunities that you can enjoy. Why not see if you can get a funny photo with your favourite character as a reminder of your amazing holiday?

Top tip- Gaston is a great character to get a selfie with. While he may not be one of the good guys, no one knows how to put on a show quite like Gaston. You can find him near his tavern in the Magic Kingdom.


3. Krakatau Volcano


Krakatau Volcano at Universal's Volcano Bay


After opening on 25th May 2017, Volcano Bay become the newest park at the Universal Orlando Resort. So, if you’re planning on visiting this year, it’s a great place to take some new selfies! The Krakatau Volcano is one of the park’s star attractions, standing at an impressive 200-feet-tall! During the day water rushes down the sides, but at night the volcano erupts with bubbling red lava. This means that whatever time you visit you’ll be able to get an amazing selfie!


4. Tree of Life


Tree of Life at Walt Disney World


When visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you can’t miss the spectacular Tree of Life. The beautiful tree is a symbol of nature, designed to commemorate all living things. Standing at 145-feet-tall and stretching 50-feet-wide, it really is huge! Stand right in front of it to snap the perfect selfie. While you’re there, make sure you take a closer look at the intricate animal carvings in the huge trunk- there’s over 300!


5. Hogwarts Castle


Hogwarts Castle at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Orlando


This is the ultimate selfie spot for Harry Potter fans. What could be better than a selfie outside the famous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? You can find the castle at Universal’s Islands of Adventure park and if you want to get the best selfie, we’d recommend taking it from the village of Hogsmeade so that the castle towers above you. If you’ve picked up a wand during your visit, make sure you get it into the shot, to capture the perfect Wizarding pose. Once you’ve taken your selfie, you must try the incredible Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride, that actually takes you on an adventure through the castle and soaring above the grounds!


6. Universal Studios Globe


Universal globe Orlando


The Universal globe is a famous symbol all over the world. If you want to do a bit of holiday bragging and let your friends know exactly where you are, this is the perfect place to take a selfie! It might sound obvious, but to get the best selfie here it’s important that you wait until the word ‘Universal’ is in full view. We’d also recommend crossing the bridge until your right in front of the globe, this way you can get the whole thing in the background at a close-up angle.


7. With the Animals


Busch Gardens Serengeti Safari


There are several places at the Orlando theme parks, where you’ll be able to take amazing animal selfies. One of our favourite selfie spots of all, has to be on the Serengeti Safari at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. The 65-acre Serengeti Plain is home to some beautiful animals, but if you’re looking for a great selfie opportunity, the cheeky giraffes are definitely your best bet. You’ll be able to feed the giraffes here, and get up close enough for that perfect picture.

SeaVenture at Discovery Cove, is another animal encounter that we love. If you’ve got a GoPro, bring it along and snap selfies with tropical fish underwater!


8. Spaceship Earth


Epcot Spaceship Earth


Most people refer to this as “the golf ball” but this impressive structure is actually called Spaceship Earth. Spaceship Earth to Epcot is what the Cinderella Castle is to the Magic Kingdom- something unique and symbolic to the park. It’s big, iconic and offers a great selfie opportunity! It weighs an incredible 16 million pounds, is 180-foot-tall and is made up of 11,520 triangles. So, we definitely think it’s worthy of a selfie or two. There’s also an attraction inside Spaceship Earth, so don’t leave without testing it out.


9. Diagon Alley


Diagon Alley at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Orlando


As soon as you step into Diagon Alley, you’ll feel as though you’ve walked straight into the middle of a Harry Potter movie. The bustling alley and cobbled streets bring the place you’ve seen on screen to life and there are plenty of great selfie opportunities. Whether it’s in front of your favourite shop, choosing your wand inside Ollivanders or in front of the enormous Knight Bus- this area is a selfie lover’s dream! Our favourite selfie spot in Diagon Alley though, has to be in front of the huge fire-breathing dragon that guards Gringotts Bank. The Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon breathes out scorching flames that reach temperatures of 3,560°F every 15 minutes, so bonus points if you can get this in the background of your selfie!


10. With Your Mickey Mouse Ears


Mickey mouse ears at Walt Disney World


Last but certainly not least, you must take a selfie wearing your mouse ears! We know that this isn’t exactly a location, but the great thing about a pair of Mickey or Minnie mouse ears, is that you can take them anywhere. This means you can get the perfect selfie whichever Disney park you’re at. For maximum likes on your Instagram, we’d recommend taking a selfie wearing the ears, in front of one of the most famous Disney icons, like the beautiful Cinderella Castle!


Did you know, the Disney and Universal parks have free Wi-Fi? This means you can share your favourite snaps with your friends and family on social media while you're there. 


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