Top 5 Pizza Joints in New York City

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Top 5 Pizza Joints in New York City
Warning: this post will make you hungry.
Did you know it’s National Pizza Day today? If there was ever a better excuse to drool over some of NYC’s best pizzas, we haven’t heard of it…

1. Grimaldi’s



Grimaldis Pizza New York


New Yorkers know, when you want great pizza you have to head to Grimaldi’s pizza in Brooklyn. Crispy, Neapolitan-style pizza made from scratch in the kitchens in front of you and cooked in a brick-style oven, it’s a quintessential New York experience you won’t want to miss.

Because of this, queues spiral out of the door all day long and most people who want to check it out are in for a bit of a wait. Not on the Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour though! Guests on this tour are guaranteed to skip the queue and get a table for two slices of the famous pizza and a soft drink, as well as learning about the history of Brooklyn and the history of pizza in New York as you go along. It’s a pizza New York’s history you don’t want to miss (sorry).

2. Lombardi’s

Lombardi’s is known as the ‘first pizzeria in America’, having originally opened in 1905 in ‘Little Italy’, Manhattan. Three cheese for Lombardi’s for this amazing record! There’s still only one place in the city where you can grab a slice of this famous pizza, so it hasn’t lost any of its tradition in more than 100 years of serving New Yorkers.  


Lombardis pizza New York


If you think you have any space left after the Bronx’s Little Italy Arthur Avenue Walking Tour, Lombardi’s would make a great pit stop for a coal-oven baked pizza covered in fresh, tasty ingredients and plenty of melt-in-the-mouth mozzarella. The large pizza ‘pies’ are absolutely huge, so you could definitely order one to share.

3. Best Pizza

Calling your restaurant ‘Best Pizza’ could really go either way – but with a head chef who graduated from the culinary institute of America, Best Pizza were obviously fairly confident they could live up to this title. And they have definitely earned their crust, with an amazing range of differently topped wood-fired pizza on offer by the pizza or by the slice.


Best Pizza New York


If you’re looking for something a little different, ditch the tomato sauce and opt for the ‘white pizza’ – a creamy sauce topped with fresh ricotta, caramelised onions and a sesame seed crust. Best Pizza can also be found in Brooklyn – we’re starting to see a bit of a pattern here!

4. Emmett’s


Emmetts Pizza New York


If you’re a deep-dish pizza fan with a big appetite, you have to pay a visit to Emmet’s, which you’ll find just a few blocks south of Washington Square park on Macdougal Street. When Emmett’s opened, it was a controversial hit, with huge lines every day for a restaurant that some pizza buffs regarded as untraditional at best and an abomination at worst. Whatever your views on thin crust vs deep crust, you cannot deny Emmett’s version of the Chicago deep-dish has gone down a storm with the punters.

5. Joe and Pat’s

Making a return to the more traditional, Joe and Pat’s family-owned pizzeria has been serving up delicious thin-crust pizza with their iconic tomato sauce for generations. If you want to step it up a gear, order the vodka pizza – the vodka is not just a gimmicky marketing ploy, it is intended to bring out the fresh flavours of the tomatoes in the sauce. Fresh parmesan and basil finish the dish – it’s simple but delicious!


Jo and Pat's New York


Are you celebrating #NationalPizzaDay today? How about celebrating the next one in the Big Apple itself? Click here to see our great range of New York attractions, including that Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour.

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