BRAND NEW Original Halloween Horror Nights Scare Zones and More Revealed

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BRAND NEW Original Halloween Horror Nights Scare Zones and More Revealed
What's new for Halloween Horror 26?
3 new houses, 5 original scare zones and a virtual reality attraction promise to give you the fright of your life!

We all know that Universal Orlando throw the ultimate Halloween event, with plenty of famous, fear-inducing faces and terrifying props from the movies thrown in for good measure. But did you know they also create their own, original scare zones designed to thrill and terrify their poor, unwitting guests? Let’s take a look at the grisly roundup for this year’s event…

Haunted Houses

Halloween Horror Nights 26 will feature 3 brand new and original haunted houses that you won’t have seen before. The first, Ghost Town – The Curse of Lightning Gulch, is set in an old gold mining town where hopeful souls got more than they bargained for in this terrifying and deserted ghost town. Not scared? Check out the video below and see if it changes your mind…


Another of the new original houses you have to check out is the Lunatics Playground 3D, hosted by the devilish Chance who is locked in a lunatic asylum for her monstrous crimes. Your gracious host is ready and waiting to unleash all the horrors of her twisted imagination as she turns this haunted asylum into a terrifying theatre of the imagination. When the alarm bells ring though, will you be safe?


Lunatics 3D Asylum Halloween Horror Nights


Finally, The Tomb of the Ancients horror house is set to release terror and chaos on guests as they enter the house from hell! Check out this video to see more of what you can expect…


Scare Zones

Halloween Horror Nights is not just about the Haunted Houses, there are outdoor scare zones too so there’s really nowhere to hide! In fact, you’ll have to cross these scare zones to reach the haunted houses so it’s best to be prepared for what lies ahead…

Think you’re a born survivor? Then Survive or Die is the scare zone for you! There are three groups of survivors battling to survive with the help of one machine which gives them hope of a future life...which group will you end up in? The survivors or the starving masses?

The next scare zone is set in the deep forest; Banshee’s Lairs is the home to some sick and twisted spirits of the ancient world who torment any poor soul who happens to stumble into their patch.  

Still think you can handle it? Dead Man’s Wharf scare zonemight change your mind. Covered by a dark and mysterious fog, the wharf is a terrifying place to be at any time of day, but especially after dark. It’s the spot where unlucky Annabel Lee disappeared after visiting the harbour one dark and mysterious night…will you be lucky enough to make it back alive?

You’ll have to go back in time for the next scare zone, to a 1955 Hollywood High School. Everything seems normal in Vamp 1955 but take a second glance and you’ll seewhere this scare zone gets its name as dozens of vampires descend on the homecoming parade!

Remember Chance from her asylum haunted house? And remember those alarm bells? Chance certainly does, as it’s her opportunity to break out and wreak havoc on the world! A Chance in Hell is her chance to gain new recruits for her dastardly plans.


Academy of Villains: House of Fear – It’s time to be launched against your will into a realm of mayhem and maniacal terror!  Join a troupe of deadly inmates in an explosion of dance and insanity.

Lastly, The Wyld Stallyns return with an all-new Halloween adventure based on Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure.

Virtual Reality

On Friday, Universal announced that they will be bringing a whole extra dimension (quite literally!) to this year’s Halloween Horror Nights with a brand new virtual reality attraction. The new virtual reality experience will be an immersive paranormal event called The Repository which promises to elevate the fear factor to a whole new level by ‘seamlessly blending custom virtual reality technology with immersive real-life storytelling’.


Virtual Reality Halloween Horror Nights


The setting is an old abandoned warehouse (where else?!) in the midst of a collection of supernatural and paranormal artefacts where brand new technology will allow you to transcend the boundaries of this earth and step into the paranormal world. Beware though, once you step over into their world, there’s no going back, no matter how much you scream!

The virtual reality element of the Halloween Horror Nights is an optional extra, so make sure to purchase your tickets in advance if you want to try it out!

To buy your tickets for the Halloween Horror Nights main event, check out our range of great-value ticketing options right here and prepare for the fright of your life!

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