Brand New Volcano Bay Water Park Details Revealed!

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Brand New Volcano Bay Water Park Details Revealed!
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There’s plenty of exciting news to share about the brand new Volcano Bay water park coming to Universal Orlando Resort!

It was announced yesterday after a long and excited wait that the new waterpark Volcano Bay will open June 1st 2017. The new water park promises to be ‘unlike anything else in the world’, with incredible theming, Polynesian-inspired landscapes and some of the most innovative and exciting water slides in the world. To deliver this, the Universal team spent months researching and travelling all over the world to bring guests the most authentic and intrepid water park experience in history.

They’ve also thought about guests comfort and promise to deliver everything you could ever need from a full, immersive day out at Volcano Bay including eliminating long lines, plenty of food and dining options and no carrying cumbersome water tubes around!

This incredible new water park will span a whopping 28 acres and will be split into four exciting themed areas styled to make you feel as if you’re visiting the Pacific Isles. Here’s a taste of what to expect in each of the areas:

Wave Village



The perfect place to relax and soak up some rays, Wave Village is found at the bottom of the 200-foot-tall volcano Krakatau. There are two amazing areas to discover here: Waturi Beach, a multi-directional wave pool situated next to indulgent private cabanas and The Reef, the perfect place to relax and watch thrill-seekers speeding through the park’s plunge ride: Ko’okiri Body Plunge!



Krakatau Volcano Bay Waterpark


Standing tall and proud in the heart of the park is the mighty Krakatau and its majestic waterfalls. By night, the shimmering waterfalls transform into bubbling illuminated lava which lights up the whole park. Inside this area, you’ll find 3 unique and unforgettable rides including the Ko’okiri Body Plunge. On this ride, guests will plunge 125 feet at a 70-degree angle through the heart of Krakatau. The ride even slides though a pool full of park guests, a world first and an incredible feat in waterslide design.

Sliding down Krakatau will also be the Kala and Ta Nui Serpentine Body Slides, which are two inter-twining slides which span an insane 124-feet twisting drop as well as the Punga Racers, a high speed 4-slide enclosed racer water slide with manta-shaped mats. There is also one extra attraction ‘like nothing else in the park’ at the volcano that hasn’t been announced yet.

Rainforest Village

There are 6 attractions to be found in the tranquil Rainforest Village including a first for North America – a ‘saucer ride’ which sends multi-passenger rafts around 3 intrepid saucer-shaped curves. The ride will be called Maku, and we’re so excited to see how it will look! A second multi-passenger ride called Puihi also available in the village will take your breath away as it plunges you into darkness and a zero-gravity drop after it bursts into a funnel.

Thrill-seekers who love a bit of airtime will love the Onyah and Ohno Drop slides, two inter-twining slides which launch rides 4 or 6 feet into the air when they crash back into the tranquillity of the lagoon pool! There’s also a river rapids attraction in TeAwa the Fearless River, an action-packed tube ride which will give you a white-knuckle ride on an inner tube amidst roaring whitewater.



Last but not least, guests can enjoy the Taniwha Tubes – 4 Easter Islands raft style slides which can take 1 or 2 riders at a time and the Puka Uli Lagoon where all you’ll need to do is lie back, relax and take a tranquil swim – sounds terrible doesn’t it?!

River Village

As Volcano Bay is a family park, there is of course something for everyone – from huge thrill-seeking water slides to relaxing lagoons to toddler play areas perfect for the little ones. River Village is home to some of the more family-friendly attractions at the park, where families with young children will find plenty to keep the kids entertained.  Relax as hard as you like on the Kopiko Wai Winding River which takes you through Krakatau’s hidden star-lit caves or soar along the Honu or Ika Moana multi-passenger raft rides.

For little ones, there’s the Tot Tiki Reef where the children can play in fun, Maori-inspired sprinklers, slides and even a kid-size replica volcano and the Runamukka Reef, which is a three-story water playground with beautiful coral reef, slides, fountains and more.

We think the brand new Volcano Bay Waterpark sounds absolutely amazing and we can’t wait to try it out in a year’s time. Ticketing options which include Volcano Bay are available right here.

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