Cabin in the Woods at Universal’s HHN2013!

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Cabin in the Woods at Universal’s HHN2013!
Universal Announces Cabin in the Woods at HHN2013!
Universal Orlando has begun unveiling their blood-curdling plans for Halloween Horror Nights 2013, the first haunted house to be announced will bring to life the chilling 2012 horror film The Cabin in the Woods!
We are thrilled to be in, what is officially known as, the lead up to Halloween in Orlando! We are even more thrilled to be able to start sharing with you all the wicked and twisted entertainment coming to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights this 2013, because let’s face it, if it’s a wicked Halloween you shall seek, then your first point of call will be a Universal Halloween Horror Nights experience.
Over the next few months Universal will slowly reveal, peeling away layer by layer, the terror that lingers in the haunted mansions lining the streets of Universal Studios this Halloween 2013, leading with The Cabin in the Woods. For those of you that aren’t quite familiar with the film, The Cabin in the Woods is a typical slasher film about five friends who travel to an isolated cabin in the woods for a holiday only to find themselves as victims of an Ancient Ritual; a ritual that requires sacrificial duties and murder ceremonies to be performed in order to allow humanity to continue to inhabit earth. Those that are to be sacrificed must be young and there must be at least five archetypal characters each punished for their sins for the ritual to be carried out. 
Ever so appropriately the film introduces a legion of monstrous and gruesome fiends, from goblins, a bride (more resembling Frankenstein or the Corpse’s bride as opposed to one you might expect to marry), demons, clowns – everyone’s favourite, alien beasts, a merman, mutants, mummies and many, many more, that will no doubt be waiting your acquaintance in Universal’s very own Cabin in the Woods.
Universal has promised not to hold back on any of the gore the film boasts, in abundance. Halloween Horror Nights Creative Director Mike Aiello has confirmed, ‘There is a lot of gore in this maze. The elevator chamber literally from floor to ceiling is covered in blood.’ But don’t bank on this maze being all about bloodshed and gore – intentions are much greater than making your stomach turn. In fact, we’re pretty sure we’re accurate in saying Universal are pulling out the big guns and won’t stop till they are satisfied they have scared the living daylights out of you and with unidentifiable scare actors taking on the role of both assailant and victim, you won’t be able to see the wood from the trees!
Start preparing for your walk through the Cabin in the Woods, watch the film and get in the spirit.

Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 2013 begins the 20th September, till the 2nd November. Keep reading ATD’s Latest News for Orlando and California Halloween updates.

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Universal's Halloween Horror Nights , Universal Orlando , Universal Studios , Halloween Horror Nights 2013 , Halloween in Orlando , Seasonal Events , Inspiration

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