Come Face to Face with the Legendary King Kong

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Come Face to Face with the Legendary King Kong
Are you ready?
This summer, at Universal Orlando, prepare to meet the man himself…

Yesterday, Universal made the exciting (but terrifying!) announcement that this summer guests will be able to encounter the legend that is King Kong! For a while now, we’ve known that the brand new attraction Skull Island: Reign of Kong, would be arriving soon at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. What we didn’t know, was that guests would actually get the chance to come within inches of the mighty beast!

As you near the end of your adrenaline inducing expedition, you’ll be so close to Kong that “you can feel his breath sweep across your skin and his thunderous roar reverberate through every bone in your body”. You’re in his territory now and there’s no turning back! The question is, will he be friend or foe?



Sound scary? It gets a whole lot scarier when you see the stats:

Height: around 3 storeys tall

Head size: larger than an automobile

Shoulder width: 18-feet wide

Scars: distinctive scars from previous battles

Emotions: expresses human-like emotion


Skull Island: Reign of Kong Universal's Islands of Adventure


This incredible attraction is set to be a fully immersive experience, like nothing before! Each time you ride, you’ll be able to have a different adventure, with a variety of characters leading the expedition. It could be a former con from New York City, a feisty cowgirl, or a descendent of the natives who fist inhabited Skull Island.


Skull Island: Reign of Kong Expedition Bus


After boarding the 40-foot-long and 13-foot-wide expedition bus, prepare for an unforgettable journey. Venture through the island’s rough terrain, into the depths of the jungle, but beware of what’s lurking in the darkness! There will be a whole host of petrifying ‘Unimaginable Creatures’ waiting for you; will you ever make it out?


Skull Island: Reign of Kong Unimagineable Creatures


The 5 deadly creatures include:

Vastatosaurus Rex: The largest and scariest high speed predator on the island (except Kong of course)

Terapusmordax: Skull Island’s largest flying predator with a 10-foot wing span

Decarnocimex: A frightening beast with two-bladed forearms, ready for destroying anything that gets in its way

Carnictis: Creepy and slug-like with no eyes or facial features, other than a large gaping mouth with razor sharp teeth

Arachno-Claw: Dangerous and always hunting for prey. The six-legged beast crushes its prey before devouring the remains


With all this before there’s even a sign of Kong, are you brave enough to try this terrifying new attraction?

Keep checking our blog for the latest updates on Skull Island: Reign of Kong!


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