Depths of Fear Haunted House Announced for Halloween Horror Nights

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Depths of Fear Haunted House Announced for Halloween Horror Nights
New HHN announcement!
Universal have added another haunted house to the line-up for Halloween Horror Nights 2019…

As Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights celebrations get closer, the line-up is expanding and trust us when we say it’s going to be terrifying! Halloween Horror Nights 2019 is shaping up to be one of the scariest yet thanks to a host of horrifying haunted houses, and a new one has just been added to the list. That’s right, Universal have confirmed plans for a new haunted house called ‘Depths of Fear’ which will have an original storyline conjured up by the Universal creative team.

Get ready to venture below the surface as you tackle underwater elements and monstrous creatures. When you enter this haunted house, you’ll be fully immersed into a unique story, where a group of workers for a deep-sea mining company have found themselves in a dire situation.

The group have gone too deep and encountered a mysterious race of creatures which have turned out to be deadly! As you make your way through the house, you’ll come across infected miners and acidic creatures. The pressure suddenly builds when the self-destruct sequence starts to countdown to the inevitable implosion of the facility.

In the depths of the haunted house, you’ll meet some terrifying creatures known only as “Mouthbrooders”. You’ll definitely be feeling the fear when you’re trapped inside a mining installation surrounded by these slithering monsters. It gets even worse when the Mouthbrooders spew flesh-eating acidic eggs at you!

Depths of Fear is the fourth haunted house confirmed for Halloween Horror Nights 2019. Universal have already announced two haunted houses with original storylines, called Universal Monsters and Nightingales Blood Pit. A fan favourite from last year will also be returning and this will be a spooky haunted house inspired by popular Netflix series Stranger Things.

Halloween Horror Nights 2019 will be running on select nights from 6th September-2nd November.


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