Exciting Rumours for New Attractions Coming to the Universal Orlando Resort

New Attractions
Exciting Rumours for New Attractions Coming to the Universal Orlando Resort
New attractions for Universal Orlando Resort!
In the next few years a host of incredible new attractions are expected to open at the Universal Orlando Resort, but what will they be?

The Universal Orlando Resort is already filled with incredible attractions, thrilling coasters and epic water slides, but if you’re a serious theme park fan, you’ll know that Universal don’t like to sit back and relax. They are always introducing new attractions and the next few years are shaping up to be more exciting than ever at the Universal Orlando theme parks.

There are lots of rumours about potential new attractions that could be opening at the Universal Orlando Resort, and while these are all just rumours (for now!) we can’t help but feel excited. Even though these details haven’t been confirmed by Universal, we thought we’d share everything we’ve heard about the new attractions so far, as we’re sure you’re as desperate to find out more as we are! So, what can we expect?


Super Nintendo World

Back in 2016, Universal confirmed that a new land inspired by Nintendo, would be opening at the Universal Orlando Resort. They didn’t reveal too many details at the time, other than confirming that the exciting Nintendo Land would be “highly themed” and filled with “Nintendo excitement, gameplay, heroes and villains”, including gigantic piranha plants, question blocks and power-ups.

Super Nintendo World at Universal Orlando Resort

Even though there has been a lack of details so far, that hasn’t stopped gaming fans speculating on what could be in store. Construction is already underway for a Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan, and it’s been confirmed that the star attraction will be a Mario Kart ride! That’s not all though, there will also be a family-friendly Donkey Kong coaster and Princes Peach’s bright pink castle. Fans seem to be convinced that these Nintendo attractions are likely to become part of the Orlando Super Nintendo World too. We’ve got our fingers crossed for meet and greets with Mario and the gang!

Check out the concept art for Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan for an idea of what to expect...

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan

Rumours also suggest that an area dedicated to Pokémon could be part of the new Nintendo Land at Universal Orlando Resort. We would love to see Pikachu and his pals up close, and who knows, there may even be the chance to have a Pokémon battle?


Harry Potter Coaster

Last year, Universal made an exciting announcement that a brand new roller coaster would be opening at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter- Hogsmeade! Ever since then, Potter fans have been speculating about what the new Harry Potter ride will be like and the rumour mill has gone into overdrive.

Universal were careful not to reveal too many details about the new Harry Potter ride, but they did describe the attraction as “a new generation of thrill ride” and “one of the most highly-themed coaster experiences” that they’ve ever created! So, what about the theme? Well…


Forbidden Forest

Harry Potter rides at Universal Orlando Resort

There have been lots of different rumours on the theme for the new Harry Potter ride, but the most likely (according to fans) seems to be a Forbidden Forest-themed ride. With Universal Orlando confirming that riders will encounter “some of your favourite characters and creatures” this could be a likely suggestion, as any Potter fan will know that the Forbidden Forest is home to lots of mysterious creatures, like centaurs, thestrals and of course- the enormous spider Aragog! This would also be a good fit as there is space for an expasion right near Hogwarts Castle and the Forbidden Forest is located in the castle grounds.

When Harry and Ron were cornered by hundreds of spiders in the Forbidden Forest (in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) the blue Ford Anglia car came to the rescue. If the rumours are true and the ride is inspired by the Forbidden Forest, we’re predicting that the ride cars will be replicas of this famous flying car.


Hagrid’s Motorbike

Another rumour for the new Harry Potter coaster, is that it could be a thrilling ride on Hagrid’s motorbike. Lots of fans are already calling this ride ‘Hagrid’s Coaster’ and they’re convinced that this is the theme. Hagrid’s motorbike features regularly in the Harry Potter movies, speeding down the streets of London and soaring through the sky. If the ride is inspired by this, we’re sure there will be lots of sharp twists and turns and dramatic launches. Hagrid isn’t exactly the best driver, so there may be a few surprises in store too.


Maybe the two rumours could even combine and feature a journey into the Forbidden Forest, with ride cars designed to look like Hagrid’s Motorbike. For now, we’ll just have to wait for more details from Universal, but even if these rumours aren’t true, we can’t wait to see what it will be like. The new Harry Potter ride will officially open at Universal Orlando in 2019, so watch this space!


Bourne Identity Show

After 21 years of operation, Universal decided it was time to close ‘Terminator 2: 3D’, announcing plans to bring in an exciting new attraction in its place. Very little has been revealed about what the new attraction will be like, but Universal have given theme park fanatics a clue by saying that it will be “an all-new live action experience based on a high-energy franchise”.

Fans have been wondering what the theme of the new attraction will be, and the strongest rumour so far, is that it will be a new show inspired by the Bourne Identity movies. This would definitely fit with Universal’s “high-energy” description, as the action-packed movies follow Jason Bourne (played by Matt Damon) on his search to find out why he’s being hunted down by deadly assassins! The new show is set to open in 2019 at Universal Studios Florida.


Jurassic World Attraction

Rumours have been circulating for some time about a new Jurassic World ride coming to Universal’s Islands of Adventure park. The Jurassic Park River Adventure is already a fan favourite at the park, but with the release of two Jurassic World movies, it seems like Universal might have decided it’s time to expand the area.

These rumours have been fuelled by the fact that Universal Studios Hollywood have confirmed that their Jurassic Park ride is closing to make way for an all-new Jurassic World "thrill ride". Fans are sure that this means, a new Jurassic World ride is coming to the Universal Orlando Resort too.

Jurassic World at Universal Orlando Resort

In honour of the release of the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie in June 2018, Velociraptor Blue made her debut at the park’s Raptor Encounter attraction. Could this be a clue, that more Jurassic World experiences are coming to Universal’s Islands of Adventure? We certainly hope so!

While Universal Studios Hollywood are reimagining their existing ride, there seems to be lots more space for new attractions at Universal Orlando, which could suggest something completely new. Imagine how amazing it would be to ride in the glass Gyrosphere surrounded by roaming dinosaurs. That’s what we’re hoping for anyway!


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