The Exorcist is Coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2016

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The Exorcist is Coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2016
Are you ready to be seriously scared?
One of the scariest movies ever is coming to Halloween Horror Nights!

After last week’s announcement that the first Halloween Horror Nights maze would be dedicated to the infamous Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, we thought Universal had outdone themselves on the scare front this year. That was, of course, until they announced that THE EXORCIST (widely labelled as the scariest film of all time) would be joining their impressive line-up.  

See the Exorcist once and you’ll never forget it, it will even haunt your nightmares! So when we heard it was coming to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando, we knew that we were in for one seriously scary experience.

The creative team behind Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort take horror to whole new levels with their annual fright fest at the Universal Studios park, so there’s no better team to interpret the 1973 horror classic, which was later awarded Best Picture.

If you haven’t seen it, the Exorcist focuses on the struggle of one mother to exorcise her 12-year-old daughter who has been possessed by a horrifying demon and acts in increasingly bizarre and terrifying ways. Confined to her room, 12-year-old Regan begins to make her bed shake wildly, and the unexplained death of her babysitter leads to the intervention of two priests who aim to draw the demon out of the now terrifying little girl.

The first challenge the team faced in creating this brand new horror maze was how to bring to life a film that is mainly set in one room into a fully interactive terror maze that Halloween Horror Nights guests can really get into. No problem there though, as the team have a few tricks up their sleeves to bring every sensory experience from the film to life…including but not limited to the infamous pea soup! And if you don’t know what the pea soup is, probably better not to look it up before you go.

If you want to get a taster of how this might pan out for the unfortunate Halloween Horror Nights guests, check out the video below from Universal Orlando to give yourself a little taster. Forewarning though…don’t do it while you’re eating your lunch…



Have you got your tickets for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights event yet? Head over to our Halloween Horror Nights tickets pages if you haven’t (and if being scared out of your wits is your idea of fun!).

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