KRAMPUS added to Halloween Horror Nights Line Up

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KRAMPUS added to Halloween Horror Nights Line Up
Even Christmas isn't safe this year...
On Friday, Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights team announced a brand new house joining this year’s Halloween Horror Nights – the terrifying figure of KRAMPUS!

It may not be Christmas time when you’re visiting Orlando this Autumn, but you’ll definitely be feeling a bit of a Christmas chill if you’re planning on visiting Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights this year. The terrifying beast Krampus, Saint Nicholas’ evil spirit, will be hosting his very own Halloween Horror Nights maze this year in an all-new attraction set to ruin Christmas for you forever!

If you’re not familiar with who Krampus is, he’s a ‘half-goat, half-demon horned creature’ who terrorizes anyone who is devoid of Christmas spirit. One of the most identifiable aspects of the beast’s terrifying appearance is its long, jagged claws which sneak slowly out of his darkened ‘Santa’ suit – told you it would ruin Christmas for you forever!

It first appeared in the legendary horror film Krampus, co-written and directed by Michael Dougherty, which focuses on the story of the Engel family, who lose their Christmas spirit after a tense family gathering over the holidays. They are targeted by a horrible horned demon, the Krampus, who attacks those who refuse to get into the holiday spirit. Slowly each of the members of the Engel family are picked off, quite literally, by the Krampus' hook and dragged into the underworld. 




The new house at the Halloween Horror Nights event will be based on this fateful family’s house, with the HHN guests playing the part of the poor, unwitting family. Guests will not only come face to face with the horrifying Krampus, the evil spirit of Saint Nicholas, but with his band of Dark Elves and sinister Gingerbread Men too. Will they make it out alive and with the Christmas spirit in tact?

Watch this video to find out more (if you dare)…



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