The Latest Grisly Updates from Halloween Horror Nights 2016

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The Latest Grisly Updates from Halloween Horror Nights 2016
Dare to be scared...
A terrifying range of old and new horrifying famous faces are set to join the Halloween Horror Nights cast...

If you have been keeping up to date with all the latest announcements from the team behind Halloween Horror Nights, you’ll know a few things have happened since we announced the news that The Walking Dead would be joining the gruesome cast for 2016.  

In case you haven’t, we have a few grisly tales to tell you today!

The first news that was released came with the addition of Chance as this year’s host. If you’re not familiar with Chance, don’t worry, this year you’ll come a little too close for comfort to her! Fans of HHN will probably recognise her as Jack’s deadly sidekick from last year’s hugely successful event. Don’t underestimate her as just a sidekick though, she’s a deadly assassin trained by the hateful and psychotic Jack to release hell on Halloween Horror Nights 26!

Check out the video below to acquaint yourself with your host…



This year’s event kicks off in the aftermath of last year’s carnage, with Chance incarcerated for her crimes against guests at the previous event. What would be a prison cell for us though turns into a ‘theatre of the mind’ for the deranged Chance, who’s thoughts manifest themselves in the outside world of the other grisly cast members.

The second huge announcement came last week, when it emerged that Michael Myers from the original Halloween film would be returning to HHN 26! If you experienced Halloween Horror Nights in 2014, you might have visited the original Halloween maze, where guests were pursued by the ‘superhuman’ and ‘evil’ Myers around the sleepy town of Haddonfield. This time, guests have been forced into the creepy corridors of the abandoned Haddonfield Memorial Hospital where things are about to get seriously creepy!

To see for yourself the terror that Myers inspires in HHN guests, check out the video below…



Malek Akkad, the producer of many of the Halloween film franchise films is collaborating with the Universal Halloween Horror Nights creative team on this brand new maze, so you can be sure you’re in for an authentically terrifying experience!

Thinking of testing your fear threshold at Halloween Horror Nights this year? Check out our great value combo passes and Frequent Fear Pass for this unique and scream-filled event.

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