New Details Unveiled for One of Universal Orlando’s Newest Rides

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New Details Unveiled for One of Universal Orlando’s Newest Rides
Something big is coming to Universal Orlando Resort….
A brand-new ‘flying theater’ ride has been unveiled for Universal Studios Florida. Find out more right here!

It was first announced that a brand-new Jimmy Fallon ride would be coming to Universal Orlando Resort in October of last year, followed quickly by the news that the iconic Twister ride would be closing to accommodate it. Jimmy Fallon is host of the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which is one of the most popular TV shows on American Television right now – so it’s hugely exciting that the show is getting its own ride.


Race Through New York Jimmy Fallon


Since this initial news though, things have been very quiet on that front.

Until today – when Universal Orlando Resort announced some brand new details about the queuing area and the ride itself which are sure to please Jimmy Fallon fans and ride fanatics alike. One thing that ride designers in recent years are very keen to introduce is interactive and exciting queuing areas which pass the time for riders as they wait to go on the main ride.

With the brand new Jimmy Fallon ride, guests will potentially be able to enjoy the waiting experience as much as the ride! Visitors will have the opportunity to hang out at Studio 6B Club where they can enjoy a rendition of a Ragtime Gals Barbershop Quartet classic, meet Tonight Show Mascot Hashtag the Panda and re-live classic moment so the show (which is perfect if you’ve never caught an episode before your visit!). Best of all, guests will even get the opportunity to host their very own version of the hit show behind an interactive desk, write thank you notes to their friends and family and test out their driving skills on an old-fashioned Jimmy driving game.

Again, if you’re not too familiar with the show itself, you can brush up on your Tonight Show knowledge at the NBC Studios, where you’ll get to see memorabilia and real set pieces before heading out on the ride.

On the ride itself, 72 guests will head out on the trip of a lifetime, ‘flying’ through New York in the world’s first ever flying theatre. They’ll be joined by Jimmy himself in a rip-roaring race which will take you all over the city. No need to go to New York after this, as Jimmy leads you on a tour around all the iconic landmarks and sights with plenty of cameos along the way including The Roots, the musical masterminds behind the original attraction score.

Check out the video below to prepare you for the ride of your life, coming to Universal Studios Florida in Spring 2017.



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