Pizza Spray and Other Weird Things You Can Experience on the New Jimmy Fallon Ride at Universal

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Pizza Spray and Other Weird Things You Can Experience on the New Jimmy Fallon Ride at Universal
We're loving these new 4D effects...
A brand new ride starring TV host sensation Jimmy Fallon is coming to Universal Orlando Resort this year. Check out these new details he revealed to fellow talk show host, Ellen.

Jimmy Fallon had had the dream of building his own ride at Universal Orlando Resort for many years, so he’s had plenty of time to think of weird and wonderful ways to surprise and excite guests when the ride opens in the early summer (or hopefully earlier!).

He revealed some of these surprises last week on the Ellen Show, when the talk show host was invited into to talk about the brand new ride. The basic storyline behind the attraction is that guests are coming to watch a taping of his popular show before being taken on a hair-rising mad-cap journey through New York.

He hinted that the new ride would be similar to the Soarin’ ride in terms of technology, which fits in with the theming – a flight over New York taking in all the sights and sounds (and smells!). Some of the delightful smells you might encounter while on your flying tour of New York include a waft of freshly cooked pizza…how good does that sound?! Other 4D elements that might be less appealing include a splash of water from a ‘dip in the East River’ ...nice!  

Construction is already well under way for this brand new attraction, although Universal have yet to announce a specific date. Watch this space for new updates!

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