Skull Island’s Creepy Inhabitants Revealed

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Skull Island’s Creepy Inhabitants Revealed
...and they're not for the faint-hearted.
If you’re already excited for the opening of the brand new King Kong ride, you have to check out these creepy crawlies, which have escaped from Universal’s top secret creative labs…

We received a very creepy email this afternoon, full of beasties and bugs that have been discovered on King Kong’s dark and secret Skull Island. Visitors to Universal’s Islands of Adventure this summer might be lucky enough to come across some of these horrible beasts on their trip, so we thought it was only fair to give you a little bit of warning…

Don't read on if you're easily creeped out...!

The first confirmed horrifying creature that you might come across on your travels is the Arachno-Claw, and it's a pretty ugly beast indeed. It might look like a giant spider, and the name makes it seem as such as well, but it's actually a six-legged creature with crab-like claws at the front, waiting to pincer any unsuspecting victim that falls into its path! The creatures moves through the darkest, swamp-covered lands of Skull island feasting on the dead and decaying remains of some of Skull island's smaller residents.


Credit: Universal Orlando Resort Blog, CloseUp

The second grisly creature you might come to a sticky end in front of is the Carnictus. Again feasting on the poor dead or wounded creatures which are unlucky enough to succumb to the darkest and muddiest parts of the island. This creature is faceless apart of a gaping, razor-tooth-lined mouth which would make a very quick meal of you.


Credit: Universal Orlando Resort Blog, CloseUp

Didn't know that dinosaurs and giant gorillas mix? Well they do on Skull Island! Check out the Vastatosaurus Rex, who roams the island with his razor-sharp teeth, searching for unwitting prey among theme park fans. 


Credit: Universal Orlando Resort Blog, CloseUp

Running away from the terrifying V-Rex, make sure you don't stumble right into the path of the monstrous Decarnocimex! This horrifying beast, which resembles an over-sized cockroach, dwells in caves - unless he's disturbed by unwitting humans of course. The vicious insect has two extremely sharp and cutting mandibles and 'two-balded' forearms to make quick work of its prey.


Credit: Universal Orlando Resort Blog, CloseUp

Finally, if you survive all the others, keep an eye out above for the preying Terapusmordax, which has a wingspan of up to 10 feet! Their lethal talons spear their unsuspecting prey and their carnivorous fangs will make a light snack of anyone.


Credit: Universal Orlando Resort Blog, CloseUp

Are you excited to see all these horrifying creatures in the 'flesh'? They'll be landing at Universal's Island of Adventure this very summer so make sure to get your tickets and, most importantly, get prepared!

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