Slaughter Sinema is Coming to Halloween Horror Nights

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Slaughter Sinema is Coming to Halloween Horror Nights
New haunted house revealed!
A new haunted house has been added to the Halloween Horror Nights 2018 line-up…

Universal have just revealed the fourth haunted house for Halloween Horror Nights 2018 and just like the rest of the line-up, it sounds terrifying! ‘Slaughter Sinema’ will be a Universal original haunted house, which means the team behind the spook-tacular event have conjured up the story from scratch. We think these houses can be even scarier than the classics as you have no idea what to expect! But, Universal have given just a little teaser of what’s in store...



An old-school drive-in is the setting for this haunted house, but as soon as you arrive, you’ll realise that this is definitely not a normal night at the cinema. You’ll see horrifying movie trailers showing a preview of what you’re about to witness, filling you with fear before you’ve even stepped inside. One of the first things you’ll notice is the sweet smell of popcorn floating in the air. Unfortunately, things aren’t going to stay sweet for much longer!

You’ll find yourself in the middle of the movies as grizzly werewolf bikers chase after you one minute and deadly barbers hunt you down the next. You’ll have to get through a bloody, gut-strewn pumpkin patch if you want to escape.

Don’t think you’re safe just yet! At this terrifying ‘sinema’ you’ll be up against alien cannibals, teeth-bearing creatures and a ravenous swamp yeti. Prepare for plenty of screams!

Forget rom-coms, as all of the movies here are scary. Pumpkin Guts, Amazon Cannibals and Cult of the Beast Baby are just a few of the frightening films on the line-up.

At Halloween Horror Nights 2018, there will be more haunted houses than ever before. Those of you who love everything about the spooky season, will love the chance to explore all ten houses. There are still more announcements to come, but so far, Universal have confirmed that there will be haunted houses inspired by Stranger Things, Dead Exposure and Trick ‘r Treat.

As well as the houses, there will be a series of scare zones throughout the park, where monsters, mutants and maniacs roam freely. Will you get caught up in the mayhem or will you make it out?


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