The Walking Dead Returns for HHN 2013!

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The Walking Dead Returns for HHN 2013!
The Walking Dead take residence at Halloween Horror Nights 2013...
Universal have confirmed that the The Walking Dead will return to Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood once again, for Halloween Horror Nights 2013! Inspired by Season 3 of AMC's The Walking Dead series, the walking dead await in multitudes to show off new and ever more twisted scares!

Those of you that attended Universal's Halloween Horror Nights last year, returning for Halloween 2013 might feel at an advantage having walked amongst the Walking Dead in 2012, we don't mean to burst your bubble, but you shouldn't! Admittedly, the concept remains the same, as in a tangled maze in which your survival is threatened by deadly species lingering at each and every twist and turn, whilst you navigate your escape to freedom.

However, this is where the similarities end. Inspired by the tv show's third season, currently airing on 5star, this year's The Walking Dead maze doesn't necessairly promise an escape, or even freedom for that matter - so let's just say it's a little more prison-like than maze-like. Those of you familiar with the TV series will have no doubt guessed it, for Halloween 2013 Universal will confine you to the costraints of West Georgia Correctional Facility, the very prison featured in the tv series, amidst the unrelenting cannibalistic legions of  zombies.

Creative Director for Universal Studios Hollywood, John Murdy, said, “With the prison as the main setting of Season 3, we seized this opportunity to recreate that very environment, down to the last detail, to be as genuine and authentic to the show as possible. Using movie-quality production value, our goal is to make guests feel as if they are mired in the world of blood-thirsty zombies, which is something you can only do at Halloween Horror Nights”.
You might be inclined to think that the streets are safer than a prison overrun by zombies, but you'd be wrong. At Universal Orlando, Halloween Horror Nighters won't be able to escape the zombie apocalypse, as the entire street experience has been inspired by The Walking Dead and, consequently, overrun with zombies. Universal will insert you into the most iconic scenes and settings selected from all three of The Walking Dead series, so you can relive the most horrific and traumatising scenes all over again -  accept this time it's in real life.  

“The goal is always to surround guests with authentic and terrifying experiences”, said Michael Aiello, Creative Development Director for Universal Orlando’s Entertainment team. “The combination of ‘The Walking Dead’ themed street experiences and the haunted maze will make it difficult for our guests to escape the hordes of ravenous walkers they’ve seen on their television.  The moment you pass through our gate, you become a survivor fighting for your life”.  

If you feel like walking with the dead this Halloween, then you know the place to be. But remember, this time round, we can't promise you'll escape!

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Universal Orlando Resort Tickets , Orlando , Universal's Halloween Horror Nights , Universal Orlando , Universal Studios Hollywood , Halloween in Orlando , Seasonal Events