What's On the Horizon at Universal Orlando?

Universal Orlando
What's On the Horizon at Universal Orlando?
What does the man with the yellow hat see?
Yesterday, the 30th April, Universal Orlando sparked some intrigue amongst their social media friends and followers by sharing a mysterious photograph with the compelling caption...'The man with the yellow hat sees something on the horizon...' But what he sees, who knows?

At Attraction Tickets Direct we have come to know that Universal Orlando are masters of conjuring up anticipation amongst their social media friends and followers, particularly around the time when theme park goers are apprehending the announcement of a launch date or the inception of a new attraction and with the constant arrival of new attractions and experiences arriving at the parks, Universal Orlando never fails to keep their fans guessing. 

Yesterday the masterful funmakers teased fans by circulating this image on their social sites with this caption 'The man with the yellow hat sees something on the horizon...'. With a number of new attractions on Universal Orlando's horizon at current, this post instantly sparked some excitement, enthusing debate on Facebook and Twitter.

The first question posed is, who is this character in the picture? Expectedly, you might guess that it is literally 'The Man in the Yellow Hat' from Curious George. However, to get technical, it could be argued that Curious George's hat wearing character is the man IN the yellow hat, as opposed to WITH the yellow hat, as Universal have phrased it in the caption, which could ultimately eliminate the Curious George character from the list. In light of this, Universal fans have also questioned whether the character could be The Mask or Dick Tracy.  

Having said that, it could very well be that the man with the yellow hat has merely been used to throw Universal fans and whomever is in the picture is of no importance at all. Bringing us to the second question -  the ultimate question, what is it that can be seen on the horizon? Could it be that we are getting closer to the launch of Transformers the Ride 3D than we expected or could the ride be about to go into soft opening? And if indeed this is The Man with the Yellow Hat, could there be news of a new Curious George inspired attraction or expansion? Your guess is as good as ours.

It would seem that Universal Orlando are asking us to watch this space and indeed, we shall. So before you book your Orlando attraction tickets be sure to keep reading Attraction Tickets Direct's Latest News to find out what's on the horizon and what could potentially be in store for you at the park soon!

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