New Skull Island: Reign of Kong ride vehicles revealed!

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New Skull Island: Reign of Kong ride vehicles revealed!
Brand new details released for Skull Island: The Reign of Kong
Coming to Universal Islands of Adventure this summer, this new ride is set to be like nothing before…

Yesterday, some incredibly exciting news was revealed, as we got our highly anticipated first glimpse of the ride vehicles for the Skull Island: Reign of Kong ride! For months people have been speculating about what they might be like, and now Universal have finally teased us with the latest details.

One of the biggest pieces of news shared was that the ride will be trackless. With the idea of creating an experience like no other, the absence of a track will really add authenticity, and give the illusion that the rider is on a real expedition, journeying through the jungle. Universal have never had a trackless ride before, but are determined to make this ride bigger and better than ever by making it a fully immersive experience from start to finish.

The vehicles will be enormous, just like Kong himself! Stretching 40-feet-long and 13-feet-high this is a force to be reckoned with! The huge 45 inch wheels will get you through the rough terrain, with the front and back axles designed to allow optimum movement and tackle tricky manoeuvres. You’ll be prepared for your expedition with an undercarriage for survival supplies and a first aid kit (not that it can save you from the creatures that await!)

Weighing in at 17 tons, this colossal vehicle will transport 72 passengers at a time deep into the jungle. There will be 5 ride vehicles each driven by a different guide, with their own individual personality and backstory. This means that each time you ride, there is an opportunity to get a totally unique experience! Great news for Kong fans!

Get to know the drivers you could be faced with:

Kalana- Possibly knows the island best, as a descendant of the natives who first settled here.

Jinks Costanza- A former con from New York City, suspicious of the island’s secrets.

Becky Callahan- An independent cowgirl with a short fuse. Definitely not afraid of what lies ahead.

Will Denham- Fresh-faced and keen for adventure, Will is the cousin of infamous movie director Carl Denham.

Charles “Doc” Jordan: A PhD student whose brief break from study to travel the world has led him here.

With more details still to be revealed, namely the ride’s grand opening date, there’s bound to be some more announcements soon. Keep checking our blog to find out the latest updates.

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