10 Quirky Questions Disney Newbies Ask

Walt Disney World Tickets , Orlando , 10 Quirky Questions Disney Newbies Ask
10 Quirky Questions Disney Newbies Ask
By ATD’s Florida Experts Susan and Simon Veness
Yes, new visitors to Walt Disney World email us with these questions all the time. While we do sometimes get a chuckle out of them, they also remind us how confusing and overwhelming planning an Orlando holiday can be. How would you answer the following?

Q) How much of Walt Disney World is underground?

A) We always hope this isn’t a question about survivalist bunkers or safe places to wait out a zombie invasion, and instead refers to Magic Kingdom’s famous utilidors. These “underground” tunnels that link each of the park’s lands (with the exception of Storybook Circus, which wasn’t there when the utilidors were built) aren’t technically underground, though they are under ground. In reality, the part of Magic Kingdom guests visit was built on top of the utilidors using earth that was removed to create Seven Seas Lagoon, so technically, the utilidors are on the ground floor and Magic Kingdom is on the first floor. Epcot has utilidors, too, but they are much less extensive and only run in a semi-circle under Future World.

Q) How much does FastPass+ cost?

A) If you’re a regular Orlando visitor this one may make you smack your forehead and roll your eyes. But it’s a common question, and one most first-timers have—if they even know about FastPass+. While the answer from a financial standpoint is, “It’s free,” the more accurate answer is that it saves you time waiting in the regular lines for rides and the hassle of deciding what to ride next. Another peice of good news is, with a 5-hour time difference, UK visitors aren’t up at ridiculous-o-clock trying to get their FastPass+ times, as US visitors are!



Q) Can Walt Disney World tickets be used at Disneyland?

A) The simple answer is “No.” But it’s also “Yes.” The main tickets sold for Walt Disney World that you can purchase in the UK (Disney Ultimate Tickets) can only be used at Disney’s Florida parks, but there is one ticket—the Disney Premier Passport—that covers all of the Walt Disney World parks, plus Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. The Premier Passport, available in the US, covers all the theme parks, the water parks, golf, ESPN Wide World of Sports, PhotoPass, Disneyland’s MaxPass, and parking, and offers discounts on Disney hotels, dining, events, sports, recreation, tours and merchandise. How much will unlimited fun for a year set you back? How does $1,674 a year per person, including children ages 3 and up, grab ya?

Q) Who owns Walt Disney World?

A) Mickey Mouse, of course! (Okay, so technically it’s the Walt Disney Company, but we’re still going with Mickey Mouse, because that’s way more fun.)


Mickey and Minnie


Q) Which parks does the Walt Disney World railroad go to?

A) Well….Magic Kingdom. Sort of. The Walt Disney World railroad doesn’t “go” to any park; it circles Magic Kingdom, with stops at Main Street U.S.A., Frontierland, and Storybook Circus. But the question behind this question is usually one that stems from newbie confusion. Over the years, we’ve come to recognise the real question as, “Which parks does the monorail go to,” and the answer is, Magic Kingdom and Epcot. The follow-up to this answer is, invariably, “How much does the monorail cost, and can’t I just walk from one park to the other?” And that’s the kind of “cute” that makes us love our new visitors so much!

Q) Is Walt Disney World for adults or do we have to visit with children?

A) Walt Disney World may be too good for children! But no…of course it’s not just for children, nor is it just for adults. The reason we love this question from potential visitors is that we get to respond by telling them all the ways adults will get even more out of a visit than kids do, and how wonderfully magical it will be when those same adults visit with kids someday.


Cinderella at Walt Disney World


Q) Which month should I visit to guarantee I’ll avoid all the crowds but still have long park hours, plenty of sunshine, low humidity and no rain?

The answer to this question that we’d like to give is, “Let us get our crystal ball weather predictor out, and we’ll see which two weeks of the year will be completely rain free.” The real answer is, “Choose two of those stipulations because it’s unlikely you’re guaranteed to get all five.” If it’s hot and park hours are long, you’re likely to get afternoon thunderstorms, high humidity and heavy crowds, because you’re visiting in summertime. If crowds are low and there’s little chance of rain and humidity, it’s likely to be cooler and park hours are shorter, because you’re visiting in mid-January through February. So when IS the best time to visit Orlando? We’re not telling, because then everyone will show up (Okay, we’re kidding; May and October are nearly ideal, but don’t tell anyone else).

Q) We’ve visited Disneyland Paris with our kids, so we think we should skip Walt Disney World. Do you agree?

A) No! No, we seriously do not agree! But again, this is a chance to tell Orlando visitors about the extent of Walt Disney World, and how Paris is similar in some ways, but certainly not the same. Never mind the fact Paris doesn’t have Epcot, Animal Kingdom, water parks and other peripherals, many of the attractions found in both Orlando and Paris feel completely different, or are completely different. Don’t skip Walt Disney World just because you’ve done Disneyland in Paris. It’s a “whole new world.”



Q) Will Mickey Mouse tuck my children in at night if I stay at a Disney resort?

A) The short answer is, “No.” The long answer is, “Noooooooooooo!” But wait; that’s really just a cheap rip-off answer from The Vicar of Dibley. If you mean, “Will Mickey pop by my resort room,” the answer is “No.” But don’t despair. Mickey can ring you up with a free wake-up call in the morning, and that’s pretty special too!

Q) What do I have to do to become your research assistant and get into the parks for free all year?

A) When we get this question—and we get it All. The. Time.—we pull up our “copy and paste,” insert it into the email, and hit Reply. Never once, in 25 years, has anyone taken us up on it once they know what’s REALLY involved—and how much that “get into the parks for free all year” thing is a wonderful, magical fantasy!

Are you new to Orlando? Do you have questions you need answered? Join us the ATD forums and let us help you feel like a Pro!

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Walt Disney World Tickets , Orlando , 10 Quirky Questions Disney Newbies Ask

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