7 Reasons Why You DON’T Want to Visit Orlando in 2018

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7 Reasons Why You DON’T Want to Visit Orlando in 2018
Are you really sure you're ready for it?

1. Your friends might hate you a bit

No one likes a show-off, and as soon as you book your 2018 Orlando theme park tickets, you will become a show-off. You’ll start conversations with ‘do you know how hot it is in Orlando right now?!’


2. No other theme park will ever compete

After coming home from Orlando, a trip to your local fun fair or theme park is just not going to cut it anymore is it. There are no characters there, no sunshine, no cast members to point you in the direction of the nearest popcorn station, no decent roller coasters, no dole whips even…. It all seems like pretty bleak stuff. A two-week holiday in the sunshine once a year to some of the best theme parks in the world or a weekend in Blackpool every other month…come on now, make the smart choice and don’t ruin that every other month fun.




3. You might have to ride this


Falcons Fury



4. …and this.


Mako rollercoaster



5. You’ll have to leave new friends behind

Remember that time you had to wave goodbye to Mickey and Minnie after the final check-out character breakfast? Drag yourself away from a cuddle with an excitable Minion near the exit of Universal Studios? You don't want to put yourself through that again, do you?


Tigger and Eeyore


Why do you think Eeyore is so depressed? He still hasn’t forgiven you for leaving him in ’97. Tigger’s over it.

6. You won’t want to leave


Mickey Mouse hugging children


Do you know how difficult the real world is after Florida? It rains in the real world. You can't consume 1 bajillion calories for breakfast every morning. You can't just pop on the monorail over to Tescos for the weekly shop. The kids will have to make do with a run through the car wash for their thrills. The real world after Florida sucks, so it's probably better not to risk it. 

7. You’ll immediately want to book your next one

You might think you need a new kitchen now, but after your trip to Florida you'll have no choice but to book another one. It's just the way it is. You'll be booking it on the runway home. Trust us...it's addictive!



Choosing to ignore our warnings? Well, we don't really blame you! 2018 tickets are now out...click here to buy now. 

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