The Disney Movie Challenge - Part 3!

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The Disney Movie Challenge - Part 3!
If you love Disney movies, take the Disney Movie Challenge with ATD!
Take a nostalgic look back at all the wonderful Disney movies with the Disney experts at Attraction Tickets Direct as we take the 30 Disney Animated Feature Challenge! In this installment you'll find out who our favourite Disney villain is, our favourite Disney song sung by a villain and lots more ATD Disney movie fun

So, indeed the bank holiday might be over, but the fun still continues at Attraction Tickets Direct as we continue to take the Sensational Disney 30 Day Disney Animated Feature Challenge! Frequent readers of Attraction Tickets Direct's Latest News will know that this is our third installment of the Disney Movie challenge, each installment consisting of five answers. We're sharing our answers on our Latest News page and on ATD's Pinterest board so you can join in the fun and share your very own Disney movie trivia on Pinterest or Facebook! 

Here goes our third Disney Movie Challenge...we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
11 - The pet(s) you wish you had...
Meeko the racoon from the 1995 Disney film Pocahantas. Meeko is one of the most popular characters from Pocahanta, he's funny, playful and good-hearted, with a love for food that often involves him stealing it! Does he remind you of another Disney character? Meeko's character was inspired by Abu from the 1992 Disney film Aladdin.
12 - Your favourite Disney villain...
Our favourite Disney villain has got to be the one and only Maleficent, from the 1959 Walt Disney picture Sleeping Beauty. For no other reason than the fact that we don't believe Disney has created a villain whose evil surpasses Maleficent. In the Ultimate Disney Villain Countdown Maleficent ranks in at number one, followed by Aladdin's Jafar at number two and Lion King's Scar at number three.
13 - Your favourite villain song......
is 'Be Prepared,' sung by Scar from the 1994 film The Lion King. It's in this song that Scar sings about killing his brother Mufasa and nephew Simba, so he can take the throne and become King. Be Prepared was composed by Elton John.
14 -  The most chilling Disney demise......has got to be Jafar's! The final battle between Jafar and Aladdin is not only one of the most chilling Disney scenes, but possibly one of the best Disney movie scenes! It's in this scene that Jafar reveals just how sinister and of course 'snake like' he can really be!
15 -  A moment that makes you laugh until hurts...There are many hilarious Disney movie moments, however we are going to go way back in Disney movie history to the 1942 Disney picture Bambi. It's arguably one of the most memorable moments in the film and could be considered both funny and cute -  when Bambi and Thumper come across the skunk that Thumper rolls over with laughter when Bambi mistakes the skunk for a flower.
That's it for this Disney Movie Challenge installment, but there's still another three more posts in store, so be sure to keep checking back at ATD's Latest News, till then why not enjoy a Disney movie marathon or take the challenge yourself. Those of you planning an Orlando holiday, take a look at our wide selection of Orlando attraction tickets, including a wide range of Disney tickets, so you can relive all your favourite Disney movie moments and meet and greet your favourite Disney characters!

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Walt Disney World Tickets , Orlando , Fun , Disney Films , Walt Disney World